{WHW}: I'm the Mom Who...

.....has lost her cool in a stressful moment, and then immediately felt guilty.

.....has held babies to get them to sleep, for other moms who were "in it" and needed help without asking for it.

.....worries and worries over the next transition (out of swaddle, teeth coming in, switching to regular milk) and every time was pleasantly surprised.

.....has felt really secure in the routine and system we have going, only for it to get flipped upside down by a new change/developmental milestone.

.....breastfed and gave formula. And my kid is totally fine.

.....offers resources to new mom friends for things that helped me.

....calls or texts my mom friends for advice or opinions, because dammit sometimes you just need to know that what you're doing is "okay" or to hear someone else say "that sounds right"

.....falls asleep on the couch well before bedtime. And often.

.....has made dinner with a screaming, crying toddler clinging to, and pulling, the bottom of my shirt.

....pees when I've coughed or sneezed or ran or jumped or or or or....

....sits down and colors with my kid when she says "lolo" (color) and holds out the marker to me

.....treasures the sleepy pre-bedtime snuggles in our glider

......hears baby cries even when she's not crying

......sometimes checks the monitor in the middle of the night. Just because.

....seemingly goes through infant Motrin like water some weeks (because teething or fever, or ear ache, or sick, or cranky or or or or...)

.....gets lost in the rabbit hole of old pictures of my girl when scrolling on my phone.
....has hard days. And great days. And days that are hard and great at the same time.


  1. Yes you are, and you're a wonderful mom! (And friend, too!) Ella is lucky to have you. :)

  2. You're a great mom and one who I have loved watching become a mam.

  3. Beautifully said girl!! You're a fantastic mom! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  4. This mom thing is not easy but it is the best feeling in the world. The one thing that stays the same is that it will always change..haha

  5. So much truth here! I think I said "amen" to each one! XOXO, R

  6. You are a great mom! I love the throwback pic!

  7. I love this so much! You're a great mom.

  8. Love this! Can't wait to experience these.


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