Case of the Mondays

Hey all! I'm back from my weekend out in St. Louis to celebrate Boyfriend's birthday and I came back with some good memories, a liver that is now in recovery, and a sore throat. All signs of a good weekend? Yes. All signs that I've got a terrible case of the Mondays? Also a Big. Fat. Yes. So instead of sulking about it, I'll recap the highlights of the weekend:

1) Some very nice gentleman at the airport on my way out Thursday night offered to let me board with him since he had Priority Access seating (meaning he's one of the first billion people to board the plane before the rest of us common folk). This ended up working out quite well in terms of me getting myself and my bag onto the plane--ours was entirely booked due to an earlier flight cancellation. Thank goodness for nice strangers. (And now I can't help but trying to find out who has that lovely Priority Access label on their boarding passes, and just happening to sidle up next to them with my most pleasant and friendly face. Didn't work for me on the trip back, tho. Boo.)

2) Boyfriend was able to get the entire day off of work on Friday so we spent the day doing lunch, some day drinking, dinner and then some night drinking. Got to meet some of his friends, while completely blowing out my liver in the process. Thank goodness I stuck to white wine or I might be dead right now.

3) Spent most of Saturday recovering from hangover with boyfriend and then went to a jazz concert with boyfriend, his brother/brother's gf, and his parents. We saw the Dirty Dozen Brass Band--they were soooo good!! A great time was had by all! Lots of drinking (ugh! my liver!), dancing in the aisles (and on stage!) and we even got to meet the band afterwards! I even got boyfriend to dance some (a feat in and of itself!!)

4) Hung out with boyfriend til my flight and then headed back to the East Coast. Apparently I missed a crazy mess of a storm later that night in which boyfriend texted me around 12:30 am telling me he and his dog were holed up in the bathroom waiting out the storm (threat of tornados along with 70 mph winds is some freaky ish!) Found out this morning that two of the main roads there are completely closed. Very glad boyfriend, his pup, and his family are all alright! Also am realizing that that same storm is headed this way. Nuts.

And now it's Monday. Slinking back into the doldrums of boyfriend-less nights, working, and now a touch of a cold to top it all off. Dang. At least now the countdown for my birthday can start. 11 days! (and 10 til boyfriend makes his way out here! Hollaaaa!)

Hope your Monday is going a little more smoothly than mine!

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