Visitation and a Birthday Celebration!

Happy Thursday everyone!

I'm incredibly happy for several reasons today. Let us count the ways:
1) No child has run out of my office today (it happened yesterday, and I got the delight of chasing him down 5 flights of stairs. Awesome.)
2) I got done testing a student today who has been absent more times than I can count in the last couple of weeks
3)--and most importantly--I get to see Marc (boyfriend) tonight since I am flying out to celebrate his birthday this weekend!

I'm really excited that I actually get to spend his birthday with him this year--last year I wasn't able to because I had come out to celebrate valentine's day together
and stayed through president's day since we had an extra day off of school (work) that year. Boyfriend's birthday fell on the following weekend, but he had decided that a longer weekend together was what he wanted more. The good part about last year was that we got some extra days together since I was able to narrowly escape our second blizzard of February in order to get out there to see him (phew!). Luckily there are no forecasts of blizzards for today so I am quite happy. We can add that to the list of reasons above!

Not being able to celebrate certain things (birthdays, job offers, snow days) is definitely one of the many low points of being in a long distance relationship. Boyfriend and I have managed to be with each other for most major events, but every once in a while, life and schedules (particularly work schedules) just seem to get in the way and make it impossible. Since boyfriend has become a big and bad lawyer this year, it's made it a little more difficult since he doesn't have the time off that he did as a student previously. But, we are surviving! :) And being able to be there for events like this, given the circumstances, makes us appreciate them, and each other, even more when we're able to!

This time of year also marks one of my favorites: the 2 week period (roughly) where Boyfriend and I are only 1 year apart, number-wise. He will be turning 26 this year and I will be turning 28. But not until March 11th--mark your calendars--so, for those glorious two weeks, we will be 26 and 27. Not that anyone's really counting... hehe

So, in the event that you don't hear from me for the next few days, just know that I'm spending some quality time with my guy, and enjoying every minute of it!
**insert random hearts, flowers, sunshine, rainbows and general happy things here** :)

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