Today the countdown til I get to see boyfriend again for his birthday is down to two days (and a few hours--but who's counting really??? :) and my week has started off with a holiday (thank you, Presidents), and a 2 hour delay which may be one of the more miraculous happenings since DC Public Schools rarely call delays or cancel school. Ever!!! I think I can live with a 2.5 day work week, especially if seeing the boyfriend is at the end of it!!

Speaking of work, do you ever have the days of work where you feel completely useless and that if you weren't there pretty much no one would notice? Well, that's the general mood for me today (also regularly contributing to the general unhappiness of the workplace for me here). Since we had a 2 hour delay I missed seeing my morning groups of kids and the two groups that I see in the afternoons on Tuesday are doing interim testing. So WHY did I come in to work today? That is a good question. I'm still pondering this one myself.

However, on my pointless trip into work on the Metro this morning, I was reading the Washington Post Express, as I do every morning (unless one of the sneaky Examiner people tricks me into taking one of their papers--grr!), and I

stumbled across an article that was really cool. It talked about how brain implants (they referred to them as being like pacemakers for the brain) have been used to treat tremors in Parkinsons and other diseases, but that there is now research into it being used for people with OCD, severe depression, Tourette's, etc. Craziness! I feel like ever since I learned about things like Cochlear Implants (coolest things, EVERRRR!) in Grad School and then having a grandparent who suffers from Alzheimer's, as well as other medical issues within the family, all of these medical advancements fascinate me. Especially the ones that have to do with speech stuff (those particularly get my inner speech nerd all giddy).

On a random note, I just realized while writing this that everything I brought for lunch today is green. I made Basil Herb couscous last night mixed with edamame and parmesan cheese, and brought a pear for good measure. Green, Green, annnnnd (wait for it) Green. It doesnt look very appetizing sitting all together like that, but it does taste quite good! Maybe tonight I'll bust open the bag of sweet potato fries that had my mouth watering in the grocery store this weekend for some added color to today's diet. Or pizza. Mmmmm pizza.

Hope your Tuesdays are more eventful than mine is shaping up to be!

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