Invasion of the birds. Angry Birds, that is!

I don't know how many of you out there are addicted to the game Angry Birds, but I know I sure am, and have been since they released it sometime during the summer. I first downloaded the Lite version (being too cheap to fork over the $.99 before actually playing the game), and became obsessed. In fact, while the boyfriend was studying for the Bar exam over the summer, and I was visiting, many times you could see us, sitting on the couch: Him with his Barbri books, and me with my Ipod playing Angry Birds, (frequently blaring out curse words when I messed up). I think this gave Marc a chance to put down his book, laugh at me, and temporarily forget the impending doom of the Bar---it most certainly wasn't a distraction. Yeah, a comical break. We'll go with that!

Anyway, since the start of the Angry Birds phenomenon in my life, I have since downloaded the other app (Angry Birds Seasons),
and somehow also developed an uncanny ability to tell when people are playing the game, by only the unique sound of the screaming birds, in several places including (but not limited to) the Metro during rush hour and at the bar (the bartender was actually playing in between serving up drinks). I've heard they are also developing a movie. Now you might be surprised by the next statement given how much of my obsession I've divulged, but a movie might be going too far for me. Too much Angry Birds might be too much of a good thing.

But, today I saw this video. Not only is the dad awesome for doing this for his kid, but the concept is really fun. I seriously loved watching the kid's face light up (not to mention the British accent coming from a 6 year old) when he saw
the incredible and functioning cake--complete with slingshot to launch birds!--his dad had made for him. I love when people do creative things, and this goes to the top of my list, while touching the Angry Birds freak within as well!

When looking up a picture of this cake, I saw some other really creative versions as well:

Coincidence that a certain someone's birthday (mine!!) is coming up in roughly 3 weeks??? I think not! Mental note, my friends! :)

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