The Walk of Awkwardness

This post in no way has to do with me. I swear. At least not directly. Let me explain:

I am a people watcher. I love people watching (and commenting) and if it were a legitimate past time, I would be aces at it. I take the opportunity to people watch whenever possible, and I've found several places that offer up some good stories. Sitting drinking coffee outside, when riding the Metro (oh, do I have some story gems from there!),
sometimes at a restaurant on Saturday/Sunday mornings (when girls roll in still wearing their clothes from last night, hair messed up from crashing on someone's couch or floor and eating burgers or some other equally greasy hangover food), and most recently sitting in the shuttle from my apartment complex in the mornings watching, what I have dubbed, the early morning walks of awkwardness. Not quite walks of shame, but still incredibly awkward!

I remember a few months ago watching one of the normal morning riders of the shuttle walking out of her apartment building with this odd looking dude (they were probably dating since I saw him on more than one occasion in the mornings) and noticed how incredibly awkward their good-byes were. This was not eased by the fact that this girl almost always happened to be one of the last people onto the shuttle, so there was inevitably a van full of people--myself included--watching their good-bye/exchange (not doing yourself any favors by being late, sister). Although it wasn't quite the "walk of shame," she sure acted like it every time she came out with him in the mornings. The whole thing rang of "awkward" and made me wonder what she had been doing to be so ashamed about. And I, therefore, was even more intrigued.

Well this morning, from my stealthy vantage point inside of the shuttle, I saw another instance of the morning walk of awkwardness with someone else in the complex. The guy obviously lived in the apartment because he was walking his dog, and the girl with him had a huuuuuge overnight bag
(kind of like this one except about 3 times bigger), and another bag I'm guessing was her work bag.

They had absolutely NO physical interaction, and she followed behind him with a kind of scowl on her face. (She even, at one point, got into her car, pulled out of her parking space, only to pull into another space about 5 spaces away--no closer to the guy's apartment--and get back out with her massive bag again). All of these things, again, made me wonder "what the heck happened between these two??" Perhaps her massive overnight bag did not get to be used for the entire length of time that she had intended? Maybe they had gotten into a bad fight but she just couldn't let it go and just leave? Ahh, the possibilities were endless!

These kinds of things intrigue me because I like to think that I am a people person, but I am also nosey inquisitive about people (hence my obsession with relity television, I'm guessing). It also just gets the curious parts of my brain running wild and wondering, what kind of other awkward moments am I missing past the 7 AM hour of my normal commuting time?? The intrigue has set in!

Do you all have any stories of Walks of Awkwardness that you've witnessed? Are you as equally intrigued by people as I am? Or am I just a Nosey Nellie? :)

Happy Hump Day!! (How appropriate given the topic at hand today! haha)

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