Today's the day that I get to see Boyfriend again. It's only been 11 days since he dropped me off at the airport after celebrating his birthday, but I love seeing him as much as I can. And having him here for my birthday makes it that much better!

Now, the only thing standing in our way is this dreary, awful weather we are
having in the DC area. We're supposed to get something like 4" of rain today, on top of the rain we got last week and all that the ground has absorbed throughout the winter. Thunderstorms are also predicted for this afternoon into the evening (of course, right when he's supposed to land). This seems to happen to him a lot--delays, diversions (once he got diverted to Pittsburgh), things breaking down on planes. So, I am hoping he gets in at his 5:50 arrival time, but knowing from past experience, and looking at the weather, I am just hoping he makes it in tonight, period.

Now I just have to make it through middle school recess which involves 15 pre-teen and teen girls gossiping outside of my office (shoot me), another group of 6th grade boys for speech, and a commute home in the rain. I can do this.

Here's hoping for a storm-free evening and an on-time arrival!

Hope the weather where you are is better than it is in D.C.!

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