Technology Dependant: the short tale of a girl who is attached (by a cord--or wirelessly) to her technology

Happy Friday everyone! Today I am pondering just how dependant on technology I really am. Not that I'm particularly savvy at it by any means, but I do depend on it for quite a bit of my ability to get through the day.

Productive things it allows me to do:
-get information and materials for my job
-complete projects a lot faster than if I had to write everything
-keep organized for work meetings and on top of my schedule

More fun/stupid stuff it allows me to do:
-it quells boredom by allowing me to search endless amounts of topics online, play games, text, etc.
-allows me to stalk people I wouldn't necessarily be able to stalk otherwise (thank you, facebook)
-lets me keep in touch with people I don't see on a regular day to day basis
(thank you g-chat and email!)
-it lets me communicate with Boyfriend on a regular basis (email, text, phone, webcam)

The last of these brings me to what made me realize just how much I depend on technology for sanity and overall general everyday happiness. The last few days Boyfriend and I have been having some issue with our phone calls where we either can't hear each other or we come across sounding like robots. This has stopped us from being able to have our nightly conversation before bed, which sometimes is just a quick goodnight call or other times longer, more in depth conversations. It's not until you don't have something that you truly realize how much you miss it and even depend on it. I found that the nights when we didnt get to actually talk, made it hard for me to fall asleep as quickly (probably stewing over being annoyed at the phone didn't help those matters either, I'm guessing) and made me feel really disconnected from him. Especially since the phone is one of the main ways that we have to keep in touch. Luckily, the problem seems to have been fixed (tho we've thought that a few times now), and hopefully we will be back on track for the regular phone sessions.

Although there are times when it's nice to cut ties with technology and take a tech-vacay, it's only nice when you do it on your terms. Not when you're stranded in the middle of nowhere and that last bar of your cell phone battery goes adios, or your power goes out in the middle of a storm and you have no outside world contact. (Or when your boyfriend's phone decides it doesn't want to accept or make calls--grrr!) It's when you choose it that it's nice.

In other words: give me technology or give me hissy fits!


  1. Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

    I tried to post your pepper recipe, but it wouldn't let looks delicious!

  2. Stopping by from Mingle Monday! I'm also in an LDR...he's in Florida, I'm in I know the feeling! Can't wait to keep reading your blog!

  3. Hi from Mingle Monday! (Sorry i didn't comment on your most recent post, I didn't see a comment section.)
    I'm glad I found your blog - you seem very fun. :) Looking forward to more posts from you!


  4. Thanks all! I fixed the problem with the comments on my other post (thank you for letting me know about it!) Definitely try the peppers--they are good and even as leftovers!

    @Christy: I feel your pain on the LDR. How long have you been doing it?


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