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Hey all! Since there isn't a ton going on in my world (other than an ever present annoying cough that is developing--grrrrr!), I figured I would spend a little bit of my time on here discussing the show Teen Mom 2.

First of all, I am a reality tv junkie. I'm not sure if I've shared that yet or not, but I am! So much so that my boyfriend (despiser of reality tv) has already shared with me that it is a good thing that we will have two tvs when we live together next year. I agree. I can't handle some of his man shows either! :p So, anyway, when the original Teen Mom came out, I was hooked, and when they announced a second group of girls I was a little skeptical as to how much I would enjoy the show. Well, it has not disappointed. Here are my insights into each of the 4 girls:

1) Kailyn: she is living with her baby daddy and his parents. They started the season together, got into some arguments, broke up, and she ended up living in
the basement. Awkward!! I go back and forth between feeling sorry for her because her mom is not a stable part of her life and she is stuck with nowhere else to live but with her ex-bf and his parents. The ex's parents have told her that she can live at the house but she can not have another boyfriend while there. But, (and this is where I think she's an idiot) she does so anyway and is trying to sneak around them. Why would you risk that if you know you have no other options??? I don't get it. I give the girl credit for trying to go to school, hold down two jobs and still take care of her kid, but some of her other decisions leave me wondering what the heck she is thinking.

2). Chelsea: she is lucky as anything because her dad takes care of her no
matter what. At least she has him to lean on, but I feel like she takes advantage of his softness for her a lot of the time. She let her ex-boyfriend (who, previously had told her that he wanted to sign over custody for their "mistake") move into the house that her dad is paying for her to live in, because the guy came back and said that he wanted to change. In the process, the bf forces Chelsea's best friend out (who had been amazing and helping Chelsea take care of her daughter). Chelsea just seems like a classic case of a girlwanting to be loved, scared to be alone, and willing to take whatever attention she can get from this guy. She seems pretty alright otherwise, but not in terms of this boyfriend who has come between her and several of her relationship. Red flag, sister!!

3) Jenelle: Oh man. Where do I get started with this one? The word 'vile' comes to mind and I kind of feel bad about that, but I find very few redeeming qualities about this girl. She has obviously gone through some hardships growing up (what, exactly, we're not sure), but she is verbally and physically abusive to her mother (who does more than her fair share of taking care of Jenelle's kid) and acts like she is entitled to the world without putting in any effort to get it. She gets kicked out of the house on a regular basis, leaves in an angry huff spewing how she is gonna show her mom how successful she is gonna be, but then she has no problem crawling back when she has nothing and begging to be taken back in. Only to turn around and do something else stupid (like smoking pot outside of her mom's house with her loser boyfriend after she had just been allowed to move back into the house). Idiot. She lost custody of her son to her mom and I have to say, it was definitely for the best. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Jenelle's mom, but she is a far better choice to raise this kid than Jenelle is, at least at this point. This girl needs to get her act together. Fast.

4)Leah: My favorite. I disliked her in 16 and Pregnent because she acted like a spoiled brat, especially to her boyfriend who she met as a rebound and ended up pregnant with. With twins. Ack! At the end of 16 and Pregnant, she seemed to realize how selfish and immature she had been and regretted it. The beginning
of Teen Mom showed her still struggling with her decisions from before. She and her boyfriend, Corey, ended up talking because one of their twins has something wrong with her (we don't know what yet). They then made up, are back together and engaged. They have their ups and downs, but I am rooting for them like crazy. I think sometimes you have to go through some hard stuff in order to come together as a stronger unit, fully able to appreciate what you have. They are an example of that to me. Next episode we find out what is wrong with their daughter and my fingers are crossed that it is something that can be fixed. I'm proud of Leah and the changes that she's made since she was on 16 and Pregnant.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of these girls' lives unfold this season. And hoping that some of them get some sense knocked into them, sooner rather than later!

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