New Outfit Excitement!

Ok, I'm back for a less-stressed out, more fun blog-post!

This weekend my roommate and I went shopping and took advantage of New York and Company's Buy One, Get One 50% off sale. I have been looking for some white pants that I can wear out, to work, etc (more bang for the buck, you know what I'm sayinnnn!) I had been discouraged with some of the clothing items at NY&C because they never fit me right--they were too baggy, and I didn't have enough in the ta-ta's region to fill out some of the sweaters that required you to be packin' in that area (of which I am not....especially since getting on the Jillian Michaels workout kick).

So, I went in with low expectations but I came out a winner!!!! (Charlie Sheen would be so proud)
I found these lovely white linen pants:
They are white linen and OMG so super soft (so soft I could sleep in them...but I won't. I promise.)

AND I found this pretty tank:
So I lucked out with a complete outfit (as well as pieces that will work out well with other outfits, too!) And, with the buy one, get one along with my 15% teacher discount (thank you for taking pity on us poor teacher-folk, NY&C) it was only 45 bucks total! Hollaaaaa! I am ONE happy camper! I'm planning on wearing this outfit this week since it will be perfect for the Spring weather we are experiencing...perhaps tomorrow!
Anyone else find any good buys this weekend??

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