What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hello, lovelies! How are your hump day's starting off? It's a rainy, chilly morning here in the Nation's Capital, and the kiddos I work with are stir-crazy. Or maybe just crazy. Wait, maybe it's me who is crazy. Anywho, it's the middle of the week and that's something to be happy about (although I really thought today was Thursday....my internal clock/calendar is seriously screwed up lately).

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I'm loving that I got to meet up with my college roomie this weekend. It had been too long, although she is the type of friend who it never feels like that long once you see each other. I think those are the true signs of amazing friends.

I'm loving that my blog friends have been so supportive this week (and other weeks) with the trials and tribulations I'm going through with moving to another city to be with the Boy I love. Finding a job in this economy sucks, but having the support of people is really nice. So, thank you, again! Virtual hugs for you!!


I'm loving that Osama is found and gone. Although I don't think that this by any means signals that we are any safer, I feel like it at least lends itself to some closure for the families who experienced such loss and tragedy back in 2001. I'm not one of the people who would be shouting "USA USA USA," because I don't think that that is the right sentiment in this situation, but I am grateful that one less hateful person is out there thanks to the people who are risking their lives to make sure that we are safe.

I'm loving that I have a yummy lunch to look forward to eating today (mmmm).

{via....the actual menu}

I'm loving  that my roommate and I are planning on hitting up happy hour today (Wacky Wednesdays where they have $2 drafts and $2 appetizers including some of the most yummy nachos! Look at the pic below and tell me you don't want to eat them off of the screen!) It's been a while since we've gone and I love spending time with her (especially now that our time together is dwindling with both of our moves coming up). Loving the roomie bonding time!
{via...oh yes, that's what I'm looking forward to}
I'm loving that Prince Charles is here in D.C. today, starting his U.S.visit here! A little taste of royalty nearby after the royal wedding is kind of cool :) Check out more here.
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  1. Looks like you have some awesome things you are loving right now!!!

  2. Great things you are loving today! I am glad I am not the only one who is still somewhat hooked on the Royal Wedding! :) Happy Wednesday!

  3. Wonderful things you are loving!

    Those Nachos look A-MAZZZING :) Yuummm

    Have a wonderful rest of your day!! :)


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