Random Post for the Week

Hey all! Happy Thursday!! One more day until the weekend! And, I must say, the weather here is GORGEOUS! I actually went outside this morning to take Cooper out and was....get this....a little bit CHILLY! Let me tell you, when that Heat Dome madness was happening, I was pretty sure I'd never feel what a cool morning felt like again! And, even better....when I came inside, my hair was not 1) frizzy 2) plastered to my forehead 3)wavy and out of control. Nope! It looked just like how it did when I left my air conditioned apartment when I returned! Ahhh, I love when humidity goes into hiding!

Anyway, on to some more random things today (I apologize in advance for the randomness of this post).


I previously wrote about my obsession with the book The Hunger Games and was eager to start reading the next two books in the series, so on July 26th I went on Amazon and ordered the rest of the books in the series. You know when I got those books? YESTERDAY, August 10th! So must for 3-5 business days for shipping. I also looked at the online tracking for the package and saw that the package was just sitting at my local post office since the 3rd. Look at that, the post office is holding people back from reading. Meanies. See if I keep sending letters in the mail, NOW, fools! The good news, I now have Catching Fire in my bag to be read on my metro commute home and I. Can't. Wait!

I saw on the news this morning that Rebecca Black, the torture-inducing singer of the incredibly annoying infamous song "Friday" (dammit, it's already stuck in my head just writing about this...) has now dropped out of school to be home-schooled. When I first heard this on the news they only said that she dropped out (at least, that was the teaser), but then I heard that it was because the teens in her school were making fun of her by asking her "Hey Rebecca, what day is it?" and singing her song in a "nasally voice." I saw somewhere that she has gotten death threats (not at school I dont think) which, is like WAY overboard. It's a stupid song. Annoying, yes. Death-threat worthy? Not so much. Just thought this was an interesting story. And, since the song is stuck in my head now, my misery wanted company which is probably the real reason I shared. Tee-hee! :)

Here's a fun-fact (*note the sarcasm*) from the Washington Post about our lovely Congress/government situation. Just to put it into perspective: A poll in 1997 had Americans 3 1/2 times MORE likely to believe in alien kid-nappings than Americans are currently approving of Congress. And, in June, were more likely to approve of the dreaded HMO's than they were to approve of Congress. Maybe we should let little green men kid-nap congress (or, hell, take OVER Congress) so all of this stupid bickering can be over and we can actually get something productive done! Just a thought....

Some people are stupid (no, I'm not talking about Congress anymore). I stumbled upon this which could have been on its own episode of Jay Leno's Jay-walking:

Go to the web-address above for more hilariously inept identifications of people, animals, places, etc. It's good for a nice laugh and we could all use that at the end of the week!

Have a great day, lovies!


  1. yay-for Catching Fire! about darn time!
    and I'm going to check out that site later. I need a laugh today.

  2. Everytime you post about these books I want to read them and never get around to it!
    And Failbook is a pretty hilarious site to get a laugh at!

  3. I must read the Hunger Game book. Every where I go, people love it. It's like nutella in book form.

    I still haven't heard that Friday song. Or maybe I have but I think I would know, right? Does it say Friday a lot? Poor girl. People are just jealous. Or is it that bad?

  4. Haha I love that picture and the comment on it :)

    I want to get around to reading both of those books, I heard they're great.

    I feel bad for Rebecca Black that she's gotten harassed that much, but the song really is just bad. Oh well.

    Have a great weekend!


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