What I'm Loving Wednesday and Oh, How Pinteresting!

It's Wednesday, which means link-ups galore!
Today I'm linking up, like usual, with Jamie at this kind of love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that I am in bed right now writing this. I have a doctor's appointment this morning so I got to sleep in a little bit this morning rather than waking up at 6am like my normal work-week wake up call! And because Im still in bed (and at home) I can watch the Today show...one of my guilty pleasures when I don't have to be at work! (I know, Im a nerd)

I'm loving that I had the genius idea of scheduling a much-anticipated massage that I bought through Living Social for this afternoon (so I had a good excuse to take the entire day off of work). I have been in desperate need of a massage, especially since starting work up again and I can not wait. A 60-minute massage and a 30-minute foot reflexology appointment....mmmm...heaven!

I'm loving that all of my shoes purchases from last week arrived, and they ALL fit! It's hit or miss with ordering shoes online, at least for me, so I was glad when everything came and worked out well. Not only that, but one of the pairs I ordered for $39.99 and then 3 days later it went on sale for $27.99. So yesterday I wrote the company and they said they would give me the $12 refund!! Woohooo. This teacher-salaried lady loves a discount!

I'm loving g-chat.  I've said it before, but I realize it on a regular basis, how much I appreciate having it. It keeps me in touch with my friends during the work day, letting us keep up on what's going on in each others' lives, vent about things going on (with work, boys or otherwise), and lets me feel connected to people when I don't necessarily feel that way with a lot of the people who I work with. I'm a big fan of g-chat!

I'm loving all of my new and old followers! It makes me super happy that there are people out there who want to read what I have to say. Even if it is complete stupidity (which, admittedly, a lot of the time it is hehe). So, thank you :)

I hope you all have some awesome things to be loving this Wednesday! Head over and link up with Jamie and share!

I'm also linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting!


You know I love me some Pinterest, so here are some things that I have been pinning:

How badly do I want to be there right now? Uhh, badly!

Who remembers these in the McDonald's Happy Meals? I totally have Red and Gobo (yes I remember the names...I told you I was a dork) somewhere at my parents' house. Loved the Fraggles!
Recipe I totally made this this past weekend and it was deeeeelish (and super easy!)
This is how I feel, waking up most mornings! :) 
Those are just a FEW of the things I have been finding "Pinteresting," what about you? 

Happy Wednesday, peeps!


  1. i love gchat too! I'm not exactly sure why...i'm guessing because there's this really nerdy girl on there that I talk to pretty much every day who watches the Today show and remembers her Mcdonald's toys in today's WILW post! LOL. enjoy your day off and you massage!


  2. i'm impressed you made this pasta! I also really want to cuddle this puppY!

  3. Those starfish can be seen on the snorkel at Waterlemon (not melon) Key on the Island of St. John USVI. They are not on any of the other beaches....

  4. i'm very jealous of your massage today! and i might have to steal that little puppy! too cute!

  5. Ahhh I want that puppy....what a sweet pic! I pinned that pasta this week and want to try it out, looks great! Glad you got to sleep in a bit and enjoy the Today show :) Happy Wednesday!

  6. Love your Pins! and I'm so happy your getting a massage! Do this for all the ladies out there that are in desperate need for one but dont have the time or the money!! :)

    Lots of love

  7. LOVE your pins too! I'm so jealous of your massage! I need to take a me day from work!

  8. I am a new follower!~!

    Love the pins, as well asd pinterest!! We will hafta find each other!!

    I also love google chat!!!

  9. Wow, that first picture with the starfish is beautiful! I also love the little puppy... so precious!!

  10. That pasta looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh girl, I could totally be down for a massage right about now!! Yay for you.

    And I'm gonna need to make that pasta-- looks delish!!

  12. I seriously need to get on board with Pinterest already. Oh gosh, that was a horrible unintended pun, wasn't it?

  13. A massage sounds so lovely. And I love the Today Show too (:

  14. That puppy is too cute! And I really need to try that recipe... looks amazing!

  15. I saw Fraggle Rock was on tv a couple of weeks ago and (shhh) I watched about 10 mins of it to bring back memories!

  16. I love LOVE when shoes fit after ordering them online!

  17. LOVE all your pins! How cute is that pup?! Adorable!


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