Back to work, back to commuting...

Hey's that time. Yes, that time for you to feel sorry for me. After a nice looooong break from work and kiddos, paperwork, and mayhem, I'm back to work today.

Which means, I'm also back to commuting on the metro. Oh, the joys! You can recall some of my "metro musings" from this post here in case you forgot about the joys I've expressed about taking the metro (I hope you can note the sarcasm ooooozing out of that statement). But, anyway, I thought I would give you all something light and funny to start your work week:

If any of you are from around here, you have probably heard of the Arlington Rap, (about Arlington, VA, which is notorious for being where a lot of young, well educated people live...and it's also extremely expensive to live in). The video was absolutely hilarious. If you haven't, you can check it out here (it's pretty funny). This metro video is done by the same guy, Remy, who lives in Arlington. He has a TON of other videos (so if you're really bored, you can check them all out today).

I hope it lends a little laugh to your day! I know I'm probably gonna need it.

And, now I'm off, to deal with temper tantrums, attitudes, funny kids, paperwork, and chaos! Wish me luck!!!

P.S. Stop by Michelle at The Vintage Apple to sign up for her giveaway! At least there's ONE thing to be excited about on this Monday morning :)


  1. i'm so excited you're back at work! so excited. and i just can't hide it.i'm about to lose control and i think you like it.

  2. Can't wait to hear some more of your commuting stories! Hope your first day back goes well :)

  3. HOpe work gets better for you today! xoxo

  4. I also tagged you in my post today!

  5. I lived in DC this time last year and despised the metro! I could never get my card to work, had to constantly figure out my wardrobe situation and always got pushed around! So thankful to be driving to work now! But it sure is fun to people watch on the metro!


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