I jinxed myself...

With yesterday's post, I must have drawn the attention of whatever force in the universe controls the aspects of commuting, because this morning's commute SUCKED. Like, sucked so bad sucked.

Usually my commute, once I get on the metro, is about 25-30 minutes. I have to change trains from yellow to green line because, for some dumb reason, the yellow line stops at a certain point during rush hour.

So, I'm riding merrily on the metro, reading my Washington Post Express...reading about the fare hikes Metro is thinking about, with statements from the head of the Metro with things like "Everyone says we need to make improvements but we're all gonna have to chip in to make that happen"....and what happens when I get off to switch trains (usually a 2-3 minute wait)? The train I JUST got off of stalls out IN the station while another train is lined up outside waiting to get in. And then I wait.....and wait....

And the dreaded person comes over the speaker and says that there's a switch problem outside of the station that I'm at. Awesome. I waited there for OVER 25 minutes before it was resolved, so my normal 25 minute commute turned into over an hour. Not so awesome.

Dear Mr. Metro Head Guy,
      How about you fix some of this crap, and then when things are working more smoothly, people might be a LIIIIIIITLE bit more reasonable with increasing fares. I get the concept you're after, but no one wants to pay MORE for WORSE service. Especially not this girl who barely makes enough money as it is!

 Your poor commuting teacher

Let's hope that the universe/karma/jinx people don't jinx-bomb me with this again tomorrow morning! hehe

I'll try and make it back amid the chaos at work for a more fun post! In the meantime, have a great Tuesday!


  1. Way Way Way bummer about the commute! I hate that nonsense! Hopefully today at work won't be too bad! xoxo

  2. I know the feeling. They just nearly doubled our tollway fares so that they can "improve the infrastructure" but the roads are CONSTANTLY under construction anyway. It has just made more people take the side streets rather than the tollways. Of course, my commute is always one hour each way, so I'm still jealous of you even with your ordeal today.

  3. Oh nooo :( That's awful about the commute! Hope the rest of the week is better!

  4. I know exactly how this feels. I used to commute via legs, train and bus to work (90 min each way min.) and the trains always had problems! There were days when the trains would be over an hour late, or we would be stalled on the track for over an hour! I do NOT miss PT.at.all.


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