Weekend Recap

Oh my goodness, you guys, how is it Monday already? And why am I SO tired? Oh right, it's because I was going non stop ALL weekend....at least, that's how it seemed anyway! I'm gonna recap for you as best I can, so here goes:

Friday MG and I picked up his best friend from the train station in DC since he was coming in town to visit. We had a fun ride back to MG's place, decided to stay in and have a few drinks, catch up, and ended up playing card games until 1am. Fun night!

Saturday we were all feeling a bit hurt since we had been drinking for quite some time. We lazed around for a while and all of a sudden it was noon and I needed to leave in order to get ready for a get-together with some of my old coworkers. Well, I go outside to find that my moonroof is open, and then I see things strewn about inside of my car. Great. Someone got into my car....and it was partially our fault. My key fob's battery to my car has been dying so it doesnt always lock or unlock when you click the button. Since MG had been driving my car when we went to pick up his friend, and we were all happy and distracted when we got back to his place, I wasn't as hyper-vigilant as I normally am to hear the lock "horn" go.

Lucky for me the jerks only took two pairs of sunglasses (both from target so not a huge deal) and an aux cord for my Ipod. They did, however, decide to smoke cigarettes in my car, leave the butt of one on the floor on the passenger side (subsequently burning the carpet there), spit on my back seats, and just take things out of their places and throw them around my car as well as dumping water into my console's cup holders. They didn't take my GPS, or any of my tools in the trunk so I think it was kids just being jerks. Still sucks...esp since my car now smells like I am a chain smoker (which I am definitely not). Even though nothing was overall damaged, thankfully, it still feels like I've been violated. I can't help it when I'm in my car now, thinking of the jerkface who was doing all of this in my car. Gross.

So...I went from MG and his friend and I cleaning up that mess to run home, change and head to my coworker's function. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and I had a great time! We caught up, ate some yummy food, and played some games. Before you know it, it was 6 and I had to leave to make it back to my place, shower, and get ready to head out for Miss P!nky's bday celebrations in DC!

I got myself all purrrrtied up for the bday girl, and headed into the city with a friend of mine. We grabbed a couple of drinks at a bar while we waited for P!nky to get into the city, and then met up with her, her friends and her two awesome sisters! I had heard about these sisters of pinky's (sporty spice and baby spice as she dubs them on her blog), but I hadn't met them and BOY am I glad that I did. They are some cool chicas and we had a fab time! Perhaps too fab of a time because I apparently left my wallet in the cab when I got dropped off at home.

Universe: 9,402    Jenn: 0

Needless to say, I am feeling like I have not been having the best of luck the past week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my luck turns around this week cuz I really could use a break from this junk lol.

Despite the icky stuff, I was glad I was able to make it out for my bloggie-to-real-life friend's bday, meet her sisters, and celebrate the day that she made it into this world!

This girl is one of the sweetest chicks I know--she listens to me complain, gives great advice, gets my silly sense of humor, keeps me entertained through the week on gchat, and I just loves her to pieces!! :)

Happy Birthday, p!nky!!

Sunday was a day of recovery, smacking myself on the head for leaving my dang wallet (but somehow took out all of my cash from my wallet--I guess when paying the cab driver), and then ended the night grilling with MG and our couple friends who live next door to him. At least it was a good ending to a rough weekend!

I'm now off to hope that my week goes a little better than how it was this weekend!
I hope you all had lovely weekends!

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  1. THANK you so much for coming out on bo-saturday!!! SO MUCH FUN!

    WAY bummer the night ended the way it did for you I'm so sorry :(!



  2. Wow! Sucks about your car can't believe someone would do that and that also sucks about your wallet! You're going to have an awesome week this week!

  3. I am soooo jealous that y'all got to hang out for Pinky's birthday!!!!! We are going to meet up in June when I'm in Baltimore!!! You should totally come if you are close to B'more! Sorry you had bad luck this weekend...Sounds like my college days. Hehe.

  4. That was a lot of {!!!!!} but I was excited ;)

  5. Ugh- that is so gross! So sorry that happened to you! One of our key fobs is wonky, too. It decides to work sometimes and not others. I am normally super paranoid and end up hitting the lock button about ten times from the time I leave the car to the time I get in the building, but the ONE time you don't do it, you come back out to the car and it's unlocked. I need to be more vigilant about that. I'm always terrified someone will be hiding in the backseat waiting to get me when that happens! Grrr! Stupid technology, why can't you be more reliable!?

  6. Ugh, that SUCKS about your car... i guess its good that they didn't take everything... definitely get it to the car wash and have them scrub out the inside the best they can... so sorry you had to deal with that. a friend of mine had his car vandalized - and found the guy sleeping in it the next day! so at least yours was empty when you found it! he also had a convertible top that the guy ripped to shreds.

    1. That TOTALLY sucks! Im really lucky that they didn't do anything else. I'm gonna try getting it vacuumed out and then attempt Febreeze if it's still stinky. SO annoying!

  7. Bummer about your car! At least they didn't get away with anything too nice!
    I have had my car broken into before and it always gives me the creeps getting in afterwards knowing that someone has been in it! UGH.

  8. Awww what a huge bummer with someone breaking into your car... grrr! Hopefully things will go nowhere but up, up, up now!

    Thanks for mingling!

  9. I can't believe somebody would do that to your car....I'm sorry. :( Luckily they didn't take anything too valuable!

  10. Oh no! What awful luck with the car and the wallet! Hope this week goes better for you. :) And at least you still have the more valuable things that were in yo car!

  11. Looks like y'all had fun for pinky's bday! Are you going to be able to get your wallet back???

    And ... umm ...

    "They did, however, decide to smoke cigarettes in my car, leave the butt of one on the floor on the passenger side (subsequently burning the carpet there), spit on my back seats, and just take things out of their places and throw them around my car as well as dumping water into my console's cup holders."

    WTF! THAT IS DISGUSTING. Seriously what is wrong with people?


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