WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

It's Wednesday, hump day, middle of the week, and time for some link-ups! Let's get to it!

I'm loving that there is only one more week of school with kids (5 days with kids, 7 days total). Can. Not. Wait!!!!! I need Summer to be here, desperately.

I'm loving that when I texted MG the other night when we were at our separate places that I missed him a little (and that I was pathetic), his text back was "Haha it's ok babe. I miss you too...and in less than a month no more missing!" Then I looked around at all of the crap I have to pack and had a mini panic attack haha

I'm loving the weather in DC lately. I asked for less humidity and Mother Nature delivered, hard core! I had to wear sweats out the last few mornings when I walked Cooper and I was still chilly. It's made for nice afternoons and has given me a bit more motivation than I normally have to work out after work.

I'm loving Instagram! It's SO cool and fun! I love seeing other people's photos, too. Love the creative outlet and share-ability.

I love that I just made up the word "share-ability" :)

I love my old Supervisor for being such an awesome person.

And, as always, I'm loving  the heck out of Pinterest!

This week I've been pinning...

Love this outfit--I wish it was in my closet!

Grilled Cheese with pesto, avocado, baby spinach and mozzarella! Yum!
Can I live here? (and someone else do the painting?) :)

This is SO me. My mom used to hide the bubble wrap from me cuz I would annoy her
with popping it!


I need this shirt. End of Story. :)
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  1. That sandwhichy, and house look DIVINE!!!

    Oh dogs are so stinkin' cute.

    So are you and MG!

    ALMOST moving time! xoxo

  2. haha love the bubble wrap pin ... so true. That sandwich looks delicious!

  3. Oh my that avocado sandwich looks delish! And awww the doggy text made me sad & feel bad! I hate leaving my dog at home all day. I wish I had a way to entertain her 24/7... lol.

  4. the text from the dog is the best. im dying over here! especially because my dog totally has major separation anxiety!

    and im drooling over the sandwich. yum!

  5. Oh my God that sandwich looks sooooo good. Cheese, avocado- what could be better?! And the outfit is so great too. I could totally see myself wearing that!

  6. I love the Text from Dog tumblr.. It's great!

  7. Love the sandwich. Love the house. And that outfit needs to be mine. Happy Wednesday!

  8. I am just like you I love Instagram & Pinterest! I am beyond addicted to them both! How great it would be if we could have a job just getting to be on both of those all day :)

  9. Haha "Can someone else paint it?" Too funny. Let's just hope the weather holds up this weekend! Especially Sunday, because we are going to that Honfest!

  10. I'm loving this weather too! I wish it could stay like this for a few weeks!

  11. Haha-- I love those texts from dog. They make me laugh so hard!


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