WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

It's Wednesday, so I'm participating in two of my fave link ups with Jamie and Michelle!

I'm loving that the trip to Maine with MG went so well and that we had such a good time with his family. I feel very lucky to be so welcomed and included by them!

I'm loving that I finally got the first Game of Thrones book from the library for my Kindle yesterday. I haven't seen the show on tv so I have no real idea what it's about but I heard it's good. Now, we'll see if I can read it all in 3 weeks....

I'm loving that our replacement dresser is supposed to be coming today (after a little malfunction and a piece broke off, we're glad that the store is taking care of it).....not so glad that I have to empty the whole thing out tho haha

I'm loving that my car is getting fixed after the damage from our storm at the end of June. I lucked out because I had scratches on my hood already, but they're re-doing my entire hood so, hopefully no more scratches!! Just hoping I get my car back by Friday. And super thankful that my parents let me borrow one of their cars for the week!

I'm loving that me, MG and a couple of our friends decided to have an impromptu bar crawl of our own this past weekend. We checked out some bars in the Eastern Market area, and had a fun afternoon/evening with great people :)

And, as always, I'm loving Pinterest and all of its lovely finds!

This week I've been pinning....

A job I would gladly wake up to every morning!

I adore these colors! 
Cilantro Lime Shrimp with Green Beans
Looks healthy AND yummy!

I want to make these! So pretty...

Too adorable for words!
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What have YOU been pinning? I wanna see!!!


  1. Ooooh I think I'm in love with that outfit.
    I have some jeans in the blue colour but I look silly in them because I'm so short!

  2. I'm loving that DIY one. So pretty. I definitely need to pin that one and add it to my list. :)

  3. i pinned those candle things too. i loved that. oh my mom looooooved game of thrones the books and the tv show. let me know what you think!

  4. That style board is gorgeous. I recently found some Disney themed ones...sounds weird, I know...but they are quite creative.

  5. Loving the outfit with the mint green accents!! Sooo cute! The candles are awesome too - would love to have those on my bookshelf:)

  6. Loving your loves! Especially the shrimp dish!

    Hope you’re having a great Wednesday! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello!

  7. That outfit is awesome, wonder if I could pull off that color?! ;-)

  8. I love bar crawls! I get bored at one bar the whole night, so whether I drink or not- I like to hop around!


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