Halloween Costume

Halloween is approaching but this year I didn't dress up or go out for the holiday. But, I did realize that with everything going on with my dad last year, I never posted my costume from LAST year's Halloween.

And what better time than now, right??

MG and I were doing our first Halloween together and decided to do a couple costume. We looked for a while for something that would be easy but cute and finally stumbled upon this:

Waldo and his awesomely dressed girlfriend, Wenda.

We went out with a bunch of friends to a local bar that was hosting a costume competition. We obviously knew we had no shot considering people showed up in some INSANELY complicated and really cool costumes. One guy was dressed like Frankenstein and it was scary how good his costume was.

My favorite costume that we saw that night was this guy dressed up as the kid from Up:

We also saw a really well-done version of those Kia rapping rats
 Luckily their costume didn't have the creepy hanging balls.

It was a good night overall. MG and I had an idea for a costume this year, but we'll hold onto it for next year.

Not sure what Halloween will look like on the east coast this year with Frankenstorm hitting. Hopefully it won't cancel everything for the kiddos!


  1. very cute and corny. love it :)

  2. That Kia rat is so good! People are clever with costumes!

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