WILW and Oh How Pinteresting

It's Wednesday, so I'm linking up with two lovely ladies, Michelle and Jamie for WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

I'm loving the turn out of voters yesterday, and the people who stuck it out in long lines for hours. No matter what the outcome is or what side you're on, I'm proud of my fellow Americans.

I'm loving that I live in an area of a state that was a "big deal" for how the election will go (*this was written on Tuesday night while results were coming in and being analyzed*). It made voting that much more exciting!

I'm loving that I had a "work from home" day yesterday at work. Would have been nice if I knew about it before I GOT to work yesterday, but I was glad that it gave me the time to get out and cast my vote!

I'm loving the plans for Thanksgiving that are in the works currently. Stay tuned! More on that later ;)

I'm loving my new iPhone5. It's awesome and was worth the long long long wait!

I'm loving Brooke Burke's workout. Even tho I'm battling a cold, I tried to do a workout to make myself feel better and I think it worked, at least a little. Love her workout DVD!

I'm loving Nashville and Elementary (thanks, P!nky for suggesting them!)--and they're both shows that MG and I will watch together. Always a nice thing to find!

And, as always, I'm loving Pinterest (esp the app on the iPhone--my goodness those images are CRYSTAL clear!)

This week I've been pinning...

So true!

LOVE and want this dress!

Artichoke bread (garlic bread meets artichoke dip)
What more do I need to say???

I would love to have a wall like this in my home!

Oh herro! Kisses!

Every time I have food (especially cheese) this is Cooper.
Every. Time.
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What have YOU been pinning??


  1. We've been watching Nashville too! :) And that dress is such a pretty shade of yellow!
    Stopping by from the OHP link-up, Happy Wednesday!

  2. i love that last pin! reminds me of sammie. lol.
    i've missed nashville the past few weeks but it is really good.
    what's going on for turkey day? huh? huh? tell me.

  3. Yay for fun thanksgiving plans woot ;)

    love the despicable me pin!

  4. Stopping by from WILW...I love the show Nashville too esp since I live there! Hayden's house on the show is right down the street from me. Love the "Family" wall.

  5. i have to catch up on nashville -- that and greys are on my dvr.
    but hubby and i LOVE elementary (and not just bc i've been mistaken for lucy liu) -- its one of the few shows that we both like and can watch together!

  6. We watching Nashville too at our house & we love it! Ok well I love it & he tolerates it I guess is a better term of words to be used. Yay for fun Thanksgiving plans!

  7. I felt the same way about voting yesterday! This was the first year that I've voted in a swing state and it was exciting!

  8. Blog hopping from WILW! LOVE the yellow dress! So wish it was my color:) Enjoying your blog!


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