A Tale to Tell...

I'm participating in this great idea for a link-up that my good buddy Trish has going on over at her blog.


It's a link up where you can share a short tale, about anything that you want, whether it be real or not. Trish's almost always have some kind of funny thing in them, and they're true.

So, here goes....

Tale # 367

Have I ever told you about the time....

that I experienced karma happen immediately?
Yes, I'm talking about the whole "what goes around, comes around" thing and it totally came around on me.

I was in grad school, taking the metro home from school in DC to my parents' house in Maryland. The train was pretty empty except for a few people, including this one girl who looked a mess (and by girl I mean she had to of been at least 20), and was kind of nerdy.

Hey, I don't judge nerds. Unless they're laughing out loud to themselves, while reading
Anime Insider
Yeah. I didn't know that was a thing either.

So here I am, watching this girl's lips move while she reads Anime Insider to herself and her outbursts of laughter while silently judging her in my head. I even made eye contact with someone sitting nearby and we both gave each other that look.
You know the look I'm talking about. The "check out this piece of work" look.

So, I get off the train, go down into the station to exit, and on my way out on the other side, I'm taking the stairs, two at a time.
While wearing flip flops.
Guess whose flip flop caught the edge of the stair, and guess who also went flying forward, landing on hands and knees, on the steps, in the middle of the metro station.
This girl.

I literally got up and started laughing, because I could mentally picture how ridiculously funny I looked flying about on the steps. 
And two, because that was the fastest I'd ever seen karma take action.

So, the moral of this story is, if you're a meany pants, be prepared to suffer the wrath of karma. It might happen mere seconds later....perhaps in the form of scraped up hands and knees. :)

That's my tale. Tale #367.
I'll be back again with another one, just you wait!
For now, go link up with Trish and share one of your own tales!


  1. anime insider lol. i have a subscription to that. hahah jk. good tale!!

  2. oh man! karma is a bitch! and she was a bitch to you that day! LOLOLOL!

  3. I totally believe in karma. It's the worst sometimes. :)

  4. I remember that! Funny, yet horrible. Hate that karma:).

  5. I believe in Karma as well!! Happy Monday!!

  6. Hi Jen, I stopped by from Grow Your Blog hop. This post rings true to me. I'm a firm believer in Karma. Live it and Live better, it always comes back.

    I'm following you on GFC and Pinterest.

    You can find me at Winelady Cooks


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