Friday's Letters and 500th post!!

TGIF.....lordy lordy lordy....

You'd think a 3 day week would fly by. But, BOY, it has not.

After being away from work for 10ish days, you also wouldn't think it'd be that hard to transition back. But, let me tell you, it was full-force back into the chaos and I'm ready for the weekend, big time!

I thought I'd write some letters to get this day jump-started, so here goes:

Dear Dreams, please stop tricking me into thinking it's Saturday when I wake up, only to realize it's really Friday. It's a mean, dirty trick! Dear Banana Republic, I'm a little ticked at you for saying you were holding a coat for me in the size I needed so I could come in an exchange the one I had. And then when I get there, you tell me that it's nowhere to be found. Poop-heads. Dear Shaun T., I saw your 15-minute Insanity style workout on the Dr. Oz show on a pin on Pinterest, and was inspired to try it yesterday (and even made MG try it). I literally laid on the floor afterwards to catch my breath (and not pass out) for a solid five minutes. Well done, sir. Well done. Dear Credit Card, please just make my balance for this month magically disappear. You've gotten more of a workout this past month than I have! Dear Massage Envy, you roped me into a membership after one of the most amazing massages I've ever had in my life. The knots in my shoulders are already making a come-back, though, and I'm in need of another one. But, remember that whole credit card thing I just mentioned? #PoorTeacherProblems Dear Redskins, all of those painful years of rooting for you, and being disappointed, have finally paid off. You have a winning season and you  are the NFC East Division Champs. I want a win this Sunday, but even if that doesn't happen, I'm super proud of my team! (And, it makes it a little sweeter since I live with an Eagles fan...teehee). Dear Weekend, I've gotta say, I'm SUPER glad you're here, and even MORE glad that we have NO plans (as of now). Relaxing and getting caught up on some much needed rest, reading, etc is just what this girl needs, and I'll be happy to immerse myself in your restfulness.

I hope that whatever you end up doing, you have a great weekend! Catch ya next week for some fun posts!

***Update: I just realized that this is my 500th post!! How insane is that?? Love my little blog and all of the friends and cool people I've met from this space!


  1. oh i hate that when you're dreaming it's one day and wake up to realize it's NOT that day! omg. i hope you get all the rest you deserve this weekend!

  2. It was SO hard to come back to a short week this week! I'm with you and so ready for the weekend. Weekends without plans are the best-- enjoy yours!! :)

  3. I'm having the EXACT SAME three-day work week struggle. Barely making it. Brig it on Friday afternoon!

  4. A massage membership - you're speaking my language! I wonder how my husband would feel if I got myself one? :) Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm with you on this week. I wouldn't believe you for a second if you told me I've only been working for three days...

    Love that you live with an Eagles fan. Awesome that you're on top for once.

  6. I don't know about this Shaun T fellow but I just started Jillian Michaels and she is kicking my butt! They keep reeling me in by saying "it's only 20 minutes."

  7. Shaunt T does work you hard! He's "insane" haha... Found you through the linkup! Nice to meet you : )

  8. Congrats on the 500th post! What an awesome milestone! ;)


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