My boyfriend's back....

Is the song stuck in your head now, too? Cuz it was playing on repeat in my head yesterday, especially once I got the text from MG that he had landed and was back safely!

I should've been wearing this shirt
I felt all giddy and antsy at work yesterday, waiting to be able to get home and see him! I'm such a nerd haha
(I seriously have no idea how military wives and girlfriends do this--it was 2 1/2 weeks and it felt like forever. I was always in awe of you guys, and even moreso after trips like this! *insert me bowing down to you here*)

Once I got home, it was SO nice to see him, hear his stories, and just be around him. 

As the afternoon rolled into early evening, he started to fade tho--the time difference and jet lag really caught up to him. It was early to bed, but it was nice to have someone to snuggle up with (other than my little Coop monster).

The best part of having a boyfriend with jet lag? He gets up at 5am, and when you get up at 6:30am, he's making you a full blown breakfast! Wooohoo!

I missed that guy. So glad he's back.

While MG is home recooping, today is gonna be a busy day of meetings for me, and then driving out to meet with my higher up boss to get things straightened out with my teaching license. Apparently something "went wrong" and if we don't re-submit my paperwork, I'm going to be terminated at the end of the school year (simply because of paperwork that apparently "got lost"). No bueno, and not something that a worry-wart like me needs to have on her mind. Cuz stuff like that wakes me up at 2am and then I can't fall back asleep. Wah.

So, wish me luck and let's keep our fingers crossed that everything gets taken care of so that I have a job to come back to next year lol.

After that, I have a sangria date with the boyfriend to look forward to tonight! Woohoo!!
Happy Thursday, lovies!


  1. Glad your boyfriend is back!

    Good luck straightening all that stuff out. :(

  2. YAY so glad the bf is back. I know you've been waiting for this forever!!!! ;)!

    Your other stuff will work out, I'm sure of it!

    YAY sangria, so awesome! xoxo

  3. They better get that paperwork snafu figured out quick! Or I'll be worrying for you - since I'm so good at it, lol! But seriously, hoping they fix it quickly! And yay for MG being back! And cooking breakfast:) I am totally going to be singing that song all day now!!!

  4. I hope you get your license stuff worked out! Man alive, that's stressful. So glad your man is back! When Aaron left for 4 months last year, and I had our son, I was in awe of how military wives do it! It's super hard, but so sweet when they come back:). It makes you appreciate everything more. So glad he's home!!!

  5. Yay for him being home!! I know that feeling ;)


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