Weekend Recap

How is it already Monday again? At least this just means that I'm that much closer to getting a vacay for Spring Break. And maybe a snow day this week? We can hope! :)

Let's get into the weekend, shall we?

Friday MG had his last day off of work from his work trip. So, guess who came by my work to bring me lunch? (True, it may have been at my suggestion the night before, but the important thing is, that he did it, and wanted to do it). So, midday my lovely visitor arrived and we had lunch together. It was a nice bright spot to my workday.

That night neither of us wanted to do anything crazy. MG was still recovering from some wicked jet lag and a bunch of people we knew already had plans. So, the two of us ordered up some pizza and then went to see Side Effects. You know, with Channing Tatum (and some other people). The movie was really good. It was slow moving, but intricate and complex. All of a sudden I was like "whoa! Wasn't expecting that!" I'd recommend it! The only downside was that there was not nearly enough Channing Tatum for my liking. hehe

Saturday late morning we found out from some friends that they were planning to do the Leprechaun Lap in DC. This might sound like it has to do with running, but it doesn't. It's actually a bar crawl to several different places in DC. MG and I made a last minute decision to go partake since he hadn't seen any of his friends since before he went on his trip. We headed over to a friends' place and hung out for a bit before going into the city. The night ended with a bit of drama, that I'm not going to get into on here. But, suffice it to say, it was an exhausting turn of events.

Sunday MG and I lazed around for a long time. MG was good and went to the gym and then we did our errands. We are back on track for having relatively healthy meals again! (My waistline rejoices!) MG and I also picked up a couple of things from Target including a new shower curtain, which I love, and some matching hand towels. I also somehow convinced MG that my picture of two dolphins would look great in the bathroom too. So, our bathroom has gotten a hit of blue. And we are digging it!
What do you think?

Overall the weekend flew by (with the help of that drama), and now we're back to a cold Monday.

But, the weather people are predicting snow for our area. And since my school district has one more snow day to burn, I'm ok with it. I just don't want it to wreck our plans to go to NY for my birthday! (Last week of my 20's! EEEEEK!)

I hope your Monday is smooth-sailing!
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  1. Ewwww drama is no fun!

    Love the shower curtain, super cute.

    Woohoo almost birthday week!

  2. I want to see Side Effects!

    Boo to drama!!!

  3. Loving that shower curtain - almost bought a lampshade from Target with that same pattern actually, lol! Such a pretty blue color. I have been wondering if that movie was any good - it's hard to tell from the previews, but sounds like one that the hubby and I may have to try. You can't lose with Channing Tatum, after all:) And, boo for the drama! Hate when fun nights get ruined by someone acting stupid. So high school. I actually read another blog post today that someone wrote about some drama that had been happening in her life - the drama epidemic must be going around!!! No fun. Glad you had a good weekend otherwise though. I know you are SO happy to have your man back home safe and sound:)

  4. The shower curtain is gorgeous! And thanks for the movie review, the previews have definitely made me want to go see it. Glad you had a good weekend minus the drama (i'm intrigued). :)

  5. Leprechun lap sounds fun!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday :)

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE that shower curtain!!!!


  7. love the shower curtain. it's pretty!


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