WILW and Oh How Pinteresting

It's Wednesday, which means another edition of WILW and Oh How Pinteresting with Jamie and Michelle!

I'm loving that I have a solid group of friends who I can turn to, and most importantly TRUST. Some recent drama with someone I thought was a friend has really made me realize how much I value the ones in my life who I can count on, all the time!

I'm loving that we got a snow day!!! We only had one left (two of them were used on the hurricane we had at the beginning of the school year), and since it's already March, the chances of us getting another chance at a snow day are slim. Woohoo snow day!

I'm loving that my birthday trip to NY is coming this weekend. Although I'm nowhere near ready (I have no idea what I want to pack to wear, etc), I'm really excited to get away and enjoy the big city with my guy!

I'm loving that I'm more able to embrace turning 30. I'm lucky to be here for another birthday, and I'm lucky to have the people in my life that I do. Another birthday just means that I've spent another year growing and experiencing life. And, I'm pretty ok with that!

I'm loving that MG and I are back on a regular schedule for meals. No more boxed mac and cheese for me! Here's a sneak peek at what we made last night:
Chicken orzo skillet!
Recipe coming soon!

And, as always I'm loving Pinterest and all of its glorious finds!

This week I've been pinning....
Is it Spring/Summer yet? I want that tank!!

What what!

These would be so cute to add a little girly touch to the house,
esp by the kitchen sink!

Buffalo Chicken Casserole
Maybe not the healthiest of options but it sounds delish!

hehe, so cute!
Dog owners can relate! SO true!

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Have a great Wednesday, lovies!


  1. That Casserole sounds delicious... and dangerous!

  2. Drama is silly, and so is people being rude!

    YAY I'm working from home today, hooray snow, even though there isn't any on the ground right now.


  3. Yay for NYC! That is going to be SO fun - can't wait to hear all about it. Pack warm! You will most likely be doing a lot of walking around, and if you aren't dressed warmly you will be miserable! Of course...you probably already know that since you are up in DC dealing with snow right now. I've wished for snow down here in GA all winter, but now that March is here, I have to admit that I am ready for some 70 degree days and sunshine. If we can't have the pretty snow (and snow days!) then I would rather it just get a little warmer so we can enjoy being outside again:)

  4. i love that shirt in the first pin. i think it would look fantastic on .... me. (i mean it'll look aiiight on you too but better on me :). JK.

    what happens if they cancel school again tomorrow? will you have to make up that day.

    and I love you! you are a great friend and I love that we don't have drama. I hope I didn't just jinx that but I can't ever picture us having drama with each other....can you? you are a fantastic nearly 30 year old gal :)

  5. Hi Jenn! Just hopped over from the link up and I TOTALLY want that tank too. Super cute! Have so much fun in NY.... can't wait to see pictures! Here's some recommendations I posted back in 2009 of stuff to do!

  6. LOVE that top in the first pin... too cute and makes me want sunshine (too bad it's raining today)!

    And the last pin is too funny.. my pup did that this morning... took forreeverrrrr to find THE spot! LOL

    Found you through the OHP link up! xo, Bev

  7. The chicken orzo bowl looks yummy! Can't wait to see the recipe. And Love the outfit! Can't wait to start wearing sleeveless shirts and tank tops!

  8. LOVE the chevron tank top!

    I'm a third grade teacher and I LOVE an unexpected off day! :)

  9. I hope you have fun on your birthday weekend sweet girl! & the way you are looking at another year older is great... I love that!

  10. The last ecard is hilarious and so true! And have fun in NY!

  11. All great things on your list. Can't wait to see that recipe. Looks and sounds delicious!

  12. I pinned the same outfit on my blog yesterday!! Love all the things you are loving!!


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