Blog Every Day in May {Day3}

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable

Are ya ready?

~awkward silences~

~not having chapstick at hand--I'm addicted~

~people that feel they have to say something/make a comment to you anytime they see you in a hallway (you know, other than hi, how are you, smiling, etc), even if they've just seen you 5 minutes ago. Basically, socially awkward adults!~

~when my pants fit a little tighter than I remember them fitting....~

~when people check in on me, like at work. I'm an adult, and a professional, and I get my stuff done. Worry about something else that's actually worth worrying about (or focus on the people who actually need to be checked up on)~

~getting emails/texts/messages that say "we need to talk" or "can we talk?" I automatically assume I did something wrong or am in trouble. (99.9% of the time, it's never the case)~

~not remembering someone's name, and then having to try and figure out a creative way to find it out~

~seeing people with camel toe....or other body parts hanging out of their clothes Ouch!~

~people who pan handle for money on the Metro/ feel trapped!~

~swimming. I know HOW to swim, but I've never been good at it, and never for more than like, 30 seconds. (I really wish the water didn't freak me out so much...I'm a good sun-bather tho!)~

~when guys hit on you and don't take the clue that you're not they keep at it, and at it...~

~watching someone get injured. It makes me cringe and my body hurts a little when I see people get hurt~

I'm sure this list could go on and on, but I think it's a good one so far!


  1. ugh, having a dude not get the don't hit on me hint is so uncomfortable :(

  2. Stopping by from the linkup! I can't stand when people have skin/body parts hanging out of their clothes, either! I work at a clothing store so I see this entirely more than I would like and it never gets better. Just wear the right size, people!!!

  3. See I'm different I don't like having chapstick or anything touching my lips!

  4. I HATE forgetting people's names. It's the worst.

  5. LOVE Chapstick - it's one of the 'oldie but goodie' brands that I just can't live without. Forgetting people's names is the worst - it's like, "Hey you..." (and I've gotten bad about this as I've gotten older, so only God knows how bad I'll be when I really am old!) And camel toes, muffin tops, back fat and all the other parts of the body that no one needs to see make me feel so awkward too. Hoping to never fall into that category!!! Happy Weekend, friend:)

  6. Ok, we are totally on the same page for most of these. Particularly, the chapstick. If I don't have one on me, regardless of my lip moisture situation, I kind of panic.

    Also, the "we need to talk" thing... I hate that! My dad, a new man to text messaging always send messages that are like "Call me as soon as you get a sec" and I always assume someone died or he's finally kicking me off his car insurance. hahahah

    Have a super Friday friend!

  7. I hate the can we talk message!

  8. wow i feel uncomfortable now :)
    you make me laugh: camel toe. hahaha. what about a moose knuckle? does that make you feel uncomfortable too?

  9. I'm totally with you on the subway situation. Unfortunately there are also people just like that on my walk home. Not fun. :(

  10. I feel you on the swimming thing. I can do your basic strokes but I am always uncomfortable swimming in front of others. This was not good for growing up in Florida land of the pools.

  11. I ALWAYS have chapstick and camel toes totally make me uncomfortable!


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