Real and Bloggy Vacay

It's FRIDAY, and it's the first weekday in a while that I'm not at work! Woohoo!
Summer school is officially over which means this chick is R&R'ing like it's gonna end in 3 weeks. Because, well, it's gonna end in 3 weeks!

MG and I are heading up to PA today for a family reunion with his mom's side of the family (many of whom I haven't met yet, so it will be nice to get familiar with the rest of the extended family...and show off the ring again, which I'm TOTALLY ok with :).
Then we have a fundraiser to go to that MG's sister is throwing to support a family whose son is ill.
And THEN we head up to a lake with MG's parents, sisters, one brother in law, and the kiddos. And Cooper, too! It should be a good time, and made even better by the fact that I'm not at work.

I didn't get anyone to guest post while I'm gone, so I'll be leaving you guys to fend for yourselves. I hope you'll survive. You're strong, I know you can do it! :)

In the meantime, here's some funnies to ease the pain of my departure...(thanks to Trish for  sending me these!) They are absolutely amazing:

This one is the best ever:

(It's ok to watch them over and over...I have! haha)Happy Friday, and have a great next week!


  1. Have fun! I'll miss you. I was told that it's so hard to say goodbye .... to yesterday. Boy so true.

  2. Have a great weekend and enjoy the break!

  3. Have fun on your vacation and blog break!!

  4. How perfect! Enjoy your vacation!!

  5. omg that second one WAS the BEST!!! hahahahahahaha, cannot stop laughing...


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