Weekend Recap

This weekend was fun-filled, mixed with a bit of drama...

Friday night MG and I were both pretty beat from the work week so we decided to grab dinner locally and eat outside since the weather was stunning out. I had two glasses of wine with dinner, which meant that when we got back home that night and sat down on the couch to watch tv, I fell asleep. #oldladyproblems

Saturday my friend Emily had a bridal shower brunch in the morning so I went to that and avoided the girl who's created all of the drama in my life (and she pretended that I don't exist). The shower was great--lots of time to mingle, and the bride had requested that all of the presents come un-wrapped so that she would have more time to socialize with all of us. She ended up opening presents for a bit, which was fun (and went by fast since there was no wrapping paper). There was TONS of yummy food and drinks, too.

I did a few errands that afternoon, including getting a new pair of sunglasses. MG was sweet enough to buy them for me--love that guy!

Later that night I drove him to his friends' place so they could watch college football, and then got ready to go out for Emily's bachelorette in Georgetown that night. I headed over to my friend Jackie's place beforehand to hang out and have a couple glasses of wine before meeting everyone else out.

The bachelorette party was a lot of fun, too. I love love love the girl who is getting married--she's one of the sweetest and funniest people I know (not to mention she's also helped me BIG TIME with my own wedding planning). I just adore her.

And then I find out that drama bride is talking crap about me because a group of 4 guys was talking to me at the bar. In fact, they were asking about what we were all there for, and then asked if I was single and I said no, that I was engaged. So, it's not as if I took my ring off of my finger and said "nope, I'm single!!" Not to mention, the same guys were talking to the bachelorette's sister as well. But, it's only a problem when I do it.
And then I see that SHE is talking to some random guy. But, it's ok when she does it, right? Ugh, enough on her. 

I had a nice night celebrating that sweet friend. And then I felt like terrible terrible crap the next day haha. Unfortunately I had to drive out to Leesburg (about an hour away) for my hair consultation. I did NOT want to drive, at all, let alone 2 hours that day, but I did, and now I have my hair person for my wedding day.

And then this morning I got the best news of all!
My friend Bree is ENGAGED! Her fiance popped the question yesterday at a winery and I'm SOOOOOOO happy for them! Yay for more friends getting married, and another person to plan a wedding with!! So excited for you, Bree! Love you!

And with that happy note, I'm off to see my kiddos and get this Monday started!

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  1. Hooray for fun times with friends.

    Boo on drama girl. next time she gets rude, just ask her what her problem is. I know confrontation isn't your style, but when she prevents you from having a good time, she needs to be called out.

    Glad you have your hair person, another box checked.

  2. Ugh. That girl. UGH.

    Yay for having your hair person figured out and congrats to your friend :)

  3. I can't believe that B has nothing better to do than start crap about you. She needs to just go away. Ugh.

    Glad you had a nice weekend otherwise!

  4. It is wedding season for you, Jenn! Bachelorette parties and bridal showers galore! So fun:) And yah, bridezilla. What a jerk. She needs to get a life.

  5. JENN. I just read all about Crazy Bride and holy moly, I'm so sorry! I think your response to her original email was insanely classy, and it's annoying that she can't just get over it--but I'm glad you're staying the bigger person, and planning YOUR dream wedding!

    Just stopping by from Mingle Monday! Love your blog.

  6. Someone is always bound to start drama when attention, even if its just a little bit, isn't on her! Hope your hair consultation went well :)

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

  7. Had to go back and read all of the previous posts about the bridezilla and OMG! Kudos to you for handling that awkward situation with such class!

  8. Hey Jenn, I'm a new follower from the GFC hop. Ugh the Drama Bride is soooo terrible! Good thing you were able to keep your cool while she was around! Seems like you still had a great weekend anyway despite her presence. Lol.

    I'd love it if you can follow me back :)



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