Weekend Recap

It's Monday and it is COLD in the DC area. No more 50s and 60s sadly so I'm doing my best to stay warm.

Luckily my weekend provided some fun times to warm my heart (cheesy!)

Friday night MG and I didnt have plans but our couple friends asked us if we wanted to get dinner at a local Italian place that has yummy pizza, so we decided to go. And they invited another couple friend, and it was a great time. We all went back to the couples' apartment complex after dinner and hung out for a while longer before going home.

The next morning I felt horrible. Red wine hangover. Ugh. I hurt just thinking about it.
MG and I ran some errands later in the afternoon to prepare for Thanksgiving with our parents this week, and to get some stuff to make an appetizer for our get-together later that night with one of the couples from the night before.

Around 7:30 we made our way to their place and were joined by another couple that we hadn't met before. There was TONS of food, and the company was great. I made my feta dip, which was a huuuuge hit! It was one of those low key nights with great conversation  and company that was just fun.

Sunday MG and I decided to go out and look at couch sets for our living room since our main couch is sunken in on one side (MG's side...so I was less motivated to go haha). We ended up finding a really nice set, and were able to get 0% financing for 36 months, so we went for it! We'll now have extra seating in our place, and it won't break the bank!
The rest of the night was spent watching football, reading and just hanging out before this short week and Thanksgiving festivities!

Hope your weekend was fab!

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  1. Sounds like a very nice, relaxing weekend (besides the wine hangover part)! Yay for new furniture!!

  2. fancy new couch. i'll have to come check it out. sounds like a nice weekend except for that mini wine-flu/hangover

  3. That couch is awesome!! I love brown leather!! :)

  4. Ok, so it's in the 50's here and I'm FREEZING! Sending warm weather thoughts your way:) Loving the new couches! I'm sure they look great:)

  5. Very nice couch! Looks super comfy!

  6. Red wine gives me the worst hangovers too!! I don't get it! We have a brown leather couch and love seat in our living room and love them! They wipe clean easily and hide dirt spots too! New follower!!

  7. Red wine hangovers are the worst thing ever. I hate them!! I'm going to make that Feta Dip soon, it looks so delicious!!


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