5 on Friday

That's all that needs to be said!
Well, that and my 5 on Friday...so let's get to that :)

This weekend, MG and I are going to a wedding for a super fun friend of ours. She has been pivotal in a lot of our wedding planning since she is a MEGA planner (I'm talking, she had her first hair appointment like 2 weeks after she was engaged lol). I love this girl, her husband-to-be is the sweetest and I can't wait to celebrate a great couple this weekend!

{2}-Bridal Shower Plans
It's happening! For me! Planning things like the bridal shower and bachelorette party make it all feel that much more real. I have a feeling once the holidays are over, things are going to be hitting me in the face, making me realize that this is really real, more and more. 
Of course, I am trying to avoid having a bridal shower the same day as my 'wedding drama friend'. Lord knows that whatever day we pick, it will more than likely be the same day hers is. Fingers crossed that all works out smoothly!  (I already have a pit in my stomach thinking about the potential drama that could ensue...) But, on a happier note, yay for having a bestie who is so on top of things, and already designing the shower invites. Love that girl :)
{3}-Pasta Freak
{via} get it? pasta freak? :)
I realized yesterday that every meal MG and I have made this week has been a pasta dish, none of which were mega healthy, either. And I'm feeling kinda bloaty this week (TMI? I'm sorry). So, next week we're gonna need to go in an anti-pasta direction I think.  My pasta-loving self is finding this hard to grasp, but hopefully I survive :)

{4}-Vikings/Redskins game
What do you do when your favorite team plays the team that your friend works for? I felt so torn going into the game, just like I did last year when we went to the Skins/Vikings game, and as our friend who works for the Vikings said to me last year, "Whose career depends on a win?" Dangit. So, I did what I did last year and cheered for both teams throughout the whole game. Hey, at least I wasn't too disappointed at the end of the game, cuz ONE of the teams I was cheering for won, right?

{5}-Being a grown up
There are times that it hits me that I'm REALLY a grown up. Like when MG and I talk about what it will take for us to buy a house, and paying off his student loans, and having babies. And sometimes it's just overwhelming. Being a grown up sometimes isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes I wish it was a lot easier than it was, especially that whole buying a house thing...especially in the DC area. I DO like that MG and I have real, adult conversations, and plans to make it all happen, it just seems really daunting sometimes!

And, on that note, I'm making my way through to day so that I can act like a kid all weekend long! :) Being an adult is for the birds....or, the adults. 
Have a good weekend!!


  1. we are go-to pasta people too! eeek! I know whatcha mean girl! ;)
    and SO SO SO Fun that it's your time with the bridal shower fun girl...own the day! whichever one you choose. and rock it completely. i know you will!!


  2. You just need to move out to the Gainesville area and it'll be so much easier to buy a house ;)

  3. I had pasta last night.... it just hits the spot sometimes.

  4. I ate so much pasta this week, too! It never disappoints!


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