Super Fun Weekend Update

This weekend was a LOT of fun, and some of it wasn't even expected!

On Friday night, MG and I met up with another couple friend for dinner at Cava Mezze. The food here is always SO good, and it was great to hang out with these friends since it's been a bit. The whole night the boys kind of had their own date on their side of the table while she and I had our own, which was kinda fun (and a little funny). We all agreed, though, that the food was SUPER yum!

Saturday it was really rainy and gross out so we stayed inside and did inside weather stuff, including finishing our puzzle from last weekend (when we lost our cable) and made plans to hang out with another couple friend of ours, Ryan and Meghan, to go bowling later that night. We had to pick up MG's car at the shop, and when we got home, we had a HUGE box waiting for us. Our first gift from our wedding registry had arrived! And ironically enough, it was from the couple that we were going to hang out with that night :) We had also gotten our first response card in the mail, too. It was really exciting!
Our friends had gotten us two sets of our dishes and a serving tray--and this was the first time I was seeing our dishes in person (I'd switched them on our registry around Christmas time because of some bad reviews about scratching on the other ones we'd had on there). They are SO pretty, the details are so delicate and I just love them!

Before picking up our friends for bowling, MG and I went to this yummy restaurant nearby for salad and pizza. The pizza was SO good...we always forget about this place, and definitely need to go more often (altho not TOO often since I have a wedding dress to fit into soon....)
After delicious dinner, we picked up our friends, and played 3 games (sets? matches? rounds? I dunno...) at the bowling alley. First game, MG and I teamed up against the other couple, and then the second and third game MG was teamed up with our friend Meghan and I was teamed up with her husband Ryan. It kept things interesting and fun, actually, and we both ended up winning one game each. It was good old fashioned fun, especially for a rainy night.

Sunday morning the weather was beautiful (which was nice after the polar vortex and endless rain), and MG and I went to church at the church that we're getting married at. I realized that morning that it was exactly 3 months until we'd be getting married, which was really cool to think about at the start of the service, listening to the organist play. It was a great service...I love the pastor at our church--he always makes you laugh at some point during his sermon, and he's SO passionate. I was glad we went!
After that was errands, lunch at Panera and then lots of quality time with the couch watching the football games on, and the Golden Globes. 

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend--lots of fun times with super sweet friends made it perfect :)
I hope yours was fun-tastic, too!
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  1. Sound like a fun weekend! Yay for wedding gifts and fun times with friends!

  2. Wedding gifts are so much fun! Write thank you notes as they gifts come in and you save so much time and heartache over them

  3. Looks like a great weekend :)! Hooray for gifts, that's exciting!

  4. awww great weekend, the plates are so pretty!

  5. You guys will start receiving fun boxes every week or so from now up until the wedding now that the invites have been sent out. It is SO much fun! You never know what amazing gift you will come home to:) Sounds like you guys had a great weekend!

  6. Aw glad you had a great weekend! Nice when you can catch up with friends :)

    Thanks for linking up!


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