Thoughtful Thursday

As so many things have been changing in my life in the last few months (getting married, getting ready to move), as well as some recent passings of people (not directly in my circle, but close enough to hit home), it's given me many opportunities to take a step back, think and re-evaluate a lot of things. During my random Pinterest searches, I've found a lot of really great quotes lately that have resonated with me, as well.

We'll dub today's post "Thoughtful Thursday"
As hard as it may be sometimes...
I'm putting this up in my office at school
My besties :)

There are a lot more than you probably even realize
For us worriers:

Hope that gives you some inspiration to make it through your day, and the rest of the week!
Happy Thursday, lovies :)


  1. The second to last one is so true and so good. Love ya

  2. These are great! Sometimes an inspiring quote is just what I need to get through the week!

  3. Love all of these :) Some of my favorites as well.


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