Wedding Wednesday: The Ceremony

I've been slowly but surely making my way through the wedding photos, trying to draft some posts that aren't TOO photo-heavy, but also highlight the wedding day (it's not easy!)

Wedding Wednesday
NC Belle in Boots

Today I put together some of the pictures from the wedding ceremony...despite my best efforts, it's still picture-heavy so I apologize in advance!
The church, outside
The church, inside
 We didn't have any flowers or other decorations, but I didn't feel like we really needed them. The purple Lenten colors worked out perfectly for our purple wedding, and the church was small and had such great decor.
Our programs, thanks to my wonderful blog bestie, Shay
MG's parents...
My mom and MG's brother-in-law
My bridesmaids
Our candle bearer/singer, ring bearer, and flower girls
And all of a sudden it was time to take my dad's arm...(love this photo)
The handsome man I saw waiting for me at the end of the aisle
The walk I've always dreamed of, with my dad by my side :)

Our friends Alex and Bree read for us
and our niece Amanda sang "My Wish"...she got choked up part way through and needed a bit of encouragement :)
MG's second cousin, who is a former nun, did the Prayer of the Faithful
We exchanged our rings... 
Had our blessing of the rings...
And had our first kiss as man and wife :)
We made our way to the back of the church, where we were hidden away for a bit, just the two of us, while everyone left the church. It was nice to have a few minutes to ourselves, to revel in everything.
We left the church to bubbles, and lots of family and friends...

And next up was all of the formal shots in the church!
I hope you enjoyed that (and aren't TOO inundated with pics). I tried to keep it at a minimum but there are SO MANY good ones :)


  1. Wow these photos look great! Makes me feel happy - it was such a wonderful day!!

  2. I love all the pictures! I didn't think it was picture heavy at all!!

  3. It was such a beautiful ceremony and your niece singing just melted every part of me.

  4. So pretty! You did a great job!

  5. I love these photos! The one with your dad is too sweet!!! Your church made a beautiful backdrop too!!! Love!!

  6. LOVE!! The church was gorgeous! A great backdrop for a gorgeous bride and groom.

  7. LOVE these pics! So many great ones and you looked absolutely gorgeous!

  8. I LOVE your pictures! Your programs were awesome! I've been working on mine this week and struggling with them for sure, but I definitely stole some inspiration from yours! You were such a beautiful bride!

  9. Gorgeous! And I actually prefer pics if it makes you feel better :) They came out beautiful!

  10. lovely! you both look so happy and i love your bridesmaids dresses. you are right, that church didn't need much decor!

  11. Don't apologize - the photos are fantastic! I LOVE the photos with your dad and the bubbles! What awesome photos to have!! You look beautiful!

  12. The main reason I want to do a Renewal of The Vows is so that my daddy can walk me down the aisle! You and your dad are so sweet <3 Quit apologizing for all the pictures- WE ALL LOVE THEM!

  13. Gorgeous. Just seriously gorgeous. I loooove that last pic of you guys in the bubbles! And I love the programs being so simple on the skinny cardstock--the wedding I went to this weekend had it and I love that!


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