Ever catch yourself in your day-to-day life, then something happens and you sit there going,
Less so the things that actually have to do with real-life and problems, but more along the lines of mundane things like these:

"WHY, when driving, do people turning left need to first turn right (into my lane) in order to make their turn? A turn is a turn...you don't need to go in the opposite direction to do so"

"WHY does someone ever think it's ok NOT to flush?"

"WHY do you need to stand RIGHT behind me in line to the point where I can feel you breathing on me and you've stubbed into my foot twice? Guess what...the line is going to move, one way or another no matter what, so take a step back, please"

"WHY can't people just bring the shopping carts back to the corral? Do YOU want a cart to hit your car? No? So put it back, lazy!"
{via} think of it as 5 extra seconds of exercise for the day...
"WHY is there a bug flying around in my car? How did you get in here, little bug? Stop flitting around, making me drive like a spastic person trying to squish you"...I need to concentrate to make this left turn ahead...

"WHY is she walking around with her shorts tucked up into her butt? Doesn't it feel a little drafty?"
"WHY do people still not understand that you have to take your shoes off to go through airport security?" It's only been like this for, I dunno, more than a DECADE....

"WHY do people do stuff like this to their cars?"
Yes, that is some kind of anime 'drawing'/sticker attached to his car.
Also, I feel the need to point out that the guy driving this car was white
"WHY does it never look like you have that much stuff until you're moving and trying to get it all to fit into boxes?"And all of a sudden, it looks like you're the biggest hoarder on the planet.

What have you caught yourself asking WHY about? Share share!!


  1. Shopping carts strewn about the parking lot makes me so grumpy! Or when they are barely pushed into the corral- it just isn't that hard to put them away!

  2. Basically, I live my life shaking my head and being like WTF?? Like, why are you walking in the middle of the sidewalk, so no one can go around you, and at a snail's pace? WHY are you chewing with your mouth open?? Why are so many people in customer service so grumpy--that is YOUR JOB. And having been in customer service, I still don't understand.
    Also, WHY is my cat insane?

  3. Amen on the why do we have this much stuff? Its like whoa, where did you come from? and what did i think I needed you for?

  4. So true about the shopping carts and the shorts! My husband used to be one of those that ditched his shopping cart but I put a stop to that :)


  5. I hate when people don't bring their carts back to the corral. SO annoying! Here's something I don't understand: at big stores like Target and Walmart, WHY are there always only like 3 lines open? What is the point of having 100 check out counters if you never us them!!!

  6. i'm with you on the shopping carts and the bugs!

  7. Okay, so I'm okay with the girls shorts in her butt, because I am an ass woman and LOVE seeing muscular bootays (no homo). Yes, she should just put on a bikini or booty shorts, but I get it. Next time someone stands that close, keep stepping back on them until they move. They'll get the point real quick ;)


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