Who Has the Time?

I'm a notorious Pinterest fiend. I love just clicking "Everything" and scrolling through to see what I find (and do so on a regular basis).
And usually I find a LOT of great stuff.
But then there are the times that I stumble across something that is cute/fun, but I wonder "who in the hell would actually DO that?" Or "who in their right mind has the time/money to do that??"
Here are some examples:
{via} Cute? Yes. Functional? Meh....
{via} Does anyone realize the amount of WORK it would take to make this happen? And for what?
So you can have a pin on Pinterest?
{via} a pizza cone? Why?? Roll that dough out, put your toppings on and call it a day!
That "coning" time delays my "eating" time....
Garden Party Cupcakes...I mean, if you have time to do this, you probably don't have enough friends to come to a garden party and eat these cupcakes. Because you're too busy making fake radishes and peas...
Not only do I not have the time for this, I don't have the patience. And I would cut a B who scuffed my stairs after the back and neck breaking hours of taping I'd done to make this happen. Just, no.
{via} How many potatoes can you actually eat in one week? Certainly not that drawer full. I dont know about you, but usually a large bowl on the counter will suffice to hold these types of produce. I'd rather have cabinets for things like, oh I dont know...PANS...POTS....other stuff rather than food that goes bad in a week!
{via} Paper and pencil that sh*t
Instead of $36, why don't we go to the Dollar Store and get something that won't collapse on top of my head?
Or take me how long to make and get worn uh...never? Sign me up for a scarf, please.

39 Wine Barrel ideas
I can see how this would come in handy for all those times you have spare wine barrels laying around...
This was originally captioned with "awesome idea". Is it really? Cuz that looks like it's one snag away from a HUGE accident where you'll land on your head and possibly paralyze yourself. There are these things called "chairs" and "hammocks" that dont rest above a stairwell....
I just don't get it. They are all cute and I think most people who do or have this stuff are rich beyond rich...and therefore, aren't looking at Pinterest for some DIY projects like these. 

Have you found anything that makes you wonder "who has the time or money for that??"


  1. This made me literally snort my tea out of my nose. Who does that shit? For real! One day I will come to your garden party when we are millionaires and cannot afford to have someone else make our cute cupcakes! love you

  2. I LOVE this post! I am a Pinterest lover too - but only to a certain extent! I have come across way too many of these kinds of pins that leave me just shaking my head and thinking, "WTH are these people thinking that this seems like a good idea?" I mean, really. Those cupcakes look like an exercise in torture that would leave me tearing my hair out in frustrated chunks. I'll leave stuff like that to the professionals, thanks. And that hammock? Nothing awesome about it!

  3. Bahaha you had me rolling on the floor laughing with your captions! So so true!


  4. These are hilarious! My goodness... who has time for this stuff? The Chevron stair painting is over the top.

    Sometimes I wonder who captions the stuff on Pinterest - that hammock is NOT a good idea... who is pinning this stuff?

  5. This made me laugh out loud and nod in my head! so true!!
    I often wonder the same thing - seriously? who has time to do this, take a photo of it and share it. why?
    I think there are some bored housewives with ladies who clean for them...or some students on photoshop

  6. This post is hysterical but so true. Who the hell has time???? When I do have time to try to be crafty it usually turns out terrible anyway but its nice to dream!

  7. This post is absolutely hilarious and brilliant, and it is basically what goes through my mind half of the time when I'm looking at Pinterest. No joke- I will read through a recipe before I decide to pin it. If it's too time consuming, I don't even bother. Lol!

    I hope you're having a great week! :)

  8. Hahahaha!! This cracked me up. And seriously-- some of these pinterest people have WAY too much time on their hands. They're like Martha Stewart on crack.

  9. these are hilarious and mostly ridiculous! and the hammock one just scares me!

  10. Hahahaha your comments are just hilarious :-D I think a lot of those same thoughts when I see stuff on Pinterest!!

  11. I would totally do the stairs one, but that's because I'm the queen of tedious projects! I swear, it's like the more tedious it is, the more of a love/hate relationship I have with said project.


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