I know it's not really a "thing" anymore, but I felt like doing a What I'm Loving Wednesday post anyway.
I'm loving....

.....that despite the last minute notice, I was able to move my office almost in its entirety yesterday. My new digs...
view from the door...
view from my desk...
It's not my massive and spacious office, but it will suffice...and I have a window, so that's not a bad deal either.

.....that so many people offered to help, and even my mentee came over from her school for a little bit yesterday to help me move and sort things. And we got in a little gossip time too which made the day even better :)

.....that I made besties with the building maintenance guy who over-rode my AC system in my new office so it's now nice and COOL in my office instead of a humid sweatbox.

....that the temps are supposed to actually be Spring temps in a couple of days. Spring is my favorite season, and it felt like we just bypassed it, going from 50's to 90's. I like living in an area that has 4 seasons, not just super cold and super hot. I'm not complaining that there's no snow on the ground...I'd just like my favorite season, please!

.....that MG is the best husband around. Last Thursday when I was having a less than stellar day (after getting the news about my office move and some other work-related nonsense), he was totally supportive, then asked me what I wanted for dinner, and proceeded to go out, get the fixin's and made me dinner. Love that man.

.....that I get to meet Christy this week! YAY!!!!

....lemon and strawberry infused water. Oh my word, is it delicious! I've been drinking it all week and it's so tasty and refreshing, especially as the temps soar. And, according to the Pinterest Gods, it has some health and skin benefits, too. Win-win!

....that MG and I FINALLY have a free weekend, with no travel plans, no weddings, nothing! We made plans to hang out with a couple friend of ours, but that's about it. Time to get crackin' on that packin'!

...that so many people enjoyed my post yesterday. I had a fun time writing it, so I'm glad you had a fun time reading it :)

That's it for now--gotta get back to that grind!


  1. Your new office looks great! Enjoy your free weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Love that you are loving life and that husband of yours!

  3. Congrats on the new office - you moved quick, lady! I'm impressed! You and I both need to get cracking on packing now since we both have BIG moves coming up in just a couple of weeks. Eeeeek!!!

  4. I discovered lemon-strawberry-cucumber infused water at a spa in 8th grade, and it changed my concept of what could/should go into water. So, so refreshing.

  5. I have an abundance of strawberries in my fridge right now and was just about to research what to do with them. Now I know! Thanks! :)

  6. Free weekends are the BEST! And hallelujah for maintenance men who help keep the temps cool! I wish I could find one of those... Lol

  7. Woot no more sweatbox office and yay for MG being awesome.

  8. i like your fancy half blue half white office! looks very organized. and now i can see where you IM me from all day! hehe!

  9. I LOVE all things strawberry, so your infused water sounds bangin' for summer!


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