In the News:Vaccines and Autism

I'm busy getting ready for our Open House today, but I saw this article while at a training yesterday, and I felt I had to share.

Parents, especially of those 3 year and under, please read this article about a potential cover-up in a study about the link between the MMR vaccinations and Autism.

Basically, it is alleged that there was a study done about MMR vaccinations in African American boys, that looked at the link between the vaccines and Autism. The study found that there was no link. NOW we are hearing that the study was altered in terms of the individuals involved (apparently some were taken out of the study for various reasons which altered or skewed the results), and that there may really have been a link between the two, but that it was covered up.

I don't have the answers and am still not entirely sure what to think or believe, but since I read about this the other day, I've been keeping an eye on it.

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