Oh Hey Friday Favorites!

I'm suuuuuper pumped that it's Friday because that means I made it through my first week of work!
Ready for some Friday Faves?

{1}-Favorite Surprise of the Week
I already mentioned it the other day, but getting surprise flowers from MG at work on Monday was the sweetest surprise, and brightened up my first day of work. Major brownie points for him!

{2}-Favorite Work Moments
Going to my second school (yes, I have two this year), and having my own mailbox, a school t-shirt, and a special sign being made for the office that I'll share there (every teacher in the building gets a special sign made by an outside company with the school's mascot) . Most of the time when you're a part time person at a school, you get zero recognition. This second school has gone above and beyond to make me feel part of their staff, even though I will only be there one day a week. Plus I get to work with my friend at this school, so it makes a not-so-great situation a lot better.
And my other work favorite was a super fun happy hour with my friends from my current school after our Open House yesterday:

{3}-Favorite Cooper Moment
When I came around the corner from the kitchen to see Cooper lounging on the couch like this:

{4}-Favorite Pin this Week
The House Hunters Drinking Game....
Too funny, and SO true. You could easily get hammered in ONE episode (and then go do some home improvement projects! haha)

{5}-Favorite Weekend Plan
Saturday, MG and I have plans with one of our favorite couple friends. We're not entirely sure what we're going to do yet (we've got several options), but when we hang with these two, it's always a good time. I'm pumped for a LONG WEEKEND of friends, BBQ's, relaxation, and maybe a house project :)

Hope you have a happy long weekend!!


  1. i'll be playing the house hunters drinking game when i don't have a baby in me. love it. thanks for linking up gal!

  2. The Cooper photo is my fav! I showed jason and we laughed so hard.

  3. that picture of coop cracks me up every single time!

  4. Honestly aren't surprise flowers the best thing in the entire world? Definitely cracked up over that drinking game ;-) Thanks so much for linking up!

  5. Those flowers are beautiful! Definitely a great way to start the week off.
    Enjoy your long weekend!

  6. oh house hunters. i can't quit you and that game would definitely have my drunkie haha

  7. OMG!!! That house hunters game is hysterical!!!! SO TRUE!!!

  8. Love that House Hunters drinking game!! Your favorite Cooper moment is priceless!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. Live that game - spot on! Hope you have a great weekend, Jenn!


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