A Mini Rant

I hope I don't offend anyone with my mini rant today but I really wanted to gets some thoughts off my chest on this topic: Christmas before November (and more specifically, before Thanksgiving).

I'm a lover of all things Christmas. I love the season, the decorations, the colors, smells, family time....I love it all!
But I DON'T love it when the "prep" happens so early in the year. Before it was even Halloween, I was in Home Depot (one of many times I was there to get paint or other supplies for the house), and the Christmas trees, decorations, etc are already out. And now all I see is ads for the latest deals for Christmas shopping and how this company is having Black Friday a month early, etc etc.... Mid-October we still had TWO holidays to get through, one of which is supposed to be all about being thankful.

And I think that's my problem. I love Christmas, but I also love the togetherness of Thanksgiving. I love the good food, and the memories you have/make with your loved ones. 

When you look back on the holidays what are you going to remember more? The awesome deal you got on a tv from Best Buy or a sweater from Old Navy? Or is it going to be the memories of being with your loved ones, and traditions you've created in your family? THOSE are the important things. I love a good deal as much as the next person, but I love my family and my friends more. I'd gladly spend $200 more on my tight budget than hear about this deal and that deal in relation to Christmas, so early on.

I guess I'm just kind of saddened by the kind of society we're turning into. With people who bum-rush a department store, knock people over, trample them, all for what? To get their hands on that "great deal"??....One that values possessions and things more than people, family, making memories, and love.

I wish more people reminded themselves of this when the craziness surrounding holidays and shopping spring up:

Ok, I'll get down off of my soap box now, I just had to get that off my chest.


  1. I totally agree 100% that the consumerism of Christmas has becoming overwhelming and is absolutely sickening. I'm not against getting in the spirit or decorating early - B and I will be putting our stuff out the week of Thanksgiving because come December, he'll be back on trauma (ugh) and most likely just won't be home to enjoy it much. And we've already watched a Christmas movie or two! But the greedy side of merchants who start putting holiday stuff out in September? Well that just grosses me out! There's NO way I'll be in any stores on Thanksgiving Day just to shop. What is the world coming to that stores can't stay closed for one freaking holiday!?!

  2. Preach! I am so with you on this. Thanksgiving is one of my favorites because its just about family and nothing else. This is what's wrong with society and consumer capitalism. If the stores wait, we wait.

  3. I completely agree! It drives me nuts!! And I hate all the black Friday stuff. I don't judge the people who participate in black Friday shopping but I choose not to participate. I just feel that my time would be better spent relaxing and making memories with my family than it would be shopping all day.

  4. Totally agree with all of this... however, i am guilty of already starting my Christmas shopping. I do have a good excuse of a baby being born right before holiday shopping commences, so do i get a pass? LOL

  5. Gah! This is so true- our Lowes had ALL their Christmas stuff up before Halloween and if you want anything halloween related you better get it before halloween haha also, I've spotted 4 retailers with Christmas commercials up that aired Nov. 1st- so annoying. Buuuut for some reason this year (no idea why- thinking bc of our new home and pregnancy) I am so pumped for the holidays that I want to decorate like yesterday (don't kill me)

  6. I agree!! Thank you for writing!!!

  7. I 100% agree with this (as we have already discussed) - there is nothing that is more important than spending time with your loved ones and just being thankful for the things in life that are free!!! I am totally the person that gets wrapped up in the spirit of getting the perfect gifts for people, but I try to keep it to a minimum until after Thanksgiving LOL!


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