2014 Recap: {April, May, June}

This will probably be my favorite recap of 2014, because it has all things WEDDING and HONEYMOON in it!!!

-Celebrated my nugget's birthday 2 days before the wedding (in matching shirts, no less--which wasn't planned)

-Got pampered with my SIL's, bridesmaids (minus Trish) and nieces

-Oh you know....GOT MARRIED!!!

-Lynn became my bloggy to IRL friend after coming to DC for my wedding!

-Changed my name and marital status on Facebook the next day while waiting to leave for our honeymoon and looking through all of the amazing pictures our friends and family posted, because I was SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!  #FBO #aintnothingwrongwiththat

-Went on the most amazing Honeymoon to Antigua with the love of my life, right after our wedding (and just realized I never recapped that at all...I'll have to rectify that soon if you guys are still interested!)

-Went on some great excursions, and met some awesome couples who we're still in touch with today (even got some Christmas cards from them!)

-Went to my nugget's communion

-Closed on our house!!!!

-Subsequently pinned a ton of ideas for the house (many of which we've actually put to good use!)

-Got addicted to Orange is the New Black

-Attended the wedding drama couple's wedding (no cat fights, only rainbows)

-Attended MG's cousin's wedding

-Had all of our wedding gift thank you notes done within a month! #politeandtimely

-Moved my office at work, 3 weeks before the end of the school year
-Had a blate with Christy!

-Packed up our condo to get ready for moving day!

-Celebrated the anniversary of our engagement, along with Memorial Day weekend with friends before they moved :(

-Had things delivered to the house (washer/dryer, bed, etc) and moved things into the house slowly during the week before our official move in with the moving truck (made easier by Verizon shutting off our cable early #thanksalotverizon)

-Had a girls night with these two pretties and chatted the night away #sistersandwich

-Moving Day!!! MG's parents, my mom and our B-I-L came to help!

-Said good-bye to our old condo and our friends moved into it!

-Had our first house guest when my friend Nikki stayed over--we drank wine, gossiped a bunch and watched a favorite movie from growing up! 

-Had a girls night at the house, and enjoyed having a deck to relax on!

-School let out for the summer!!!!

-We stained/painted the deck, ordered a new office desk (since our movers broke it), and continued to get settled into the house

-Got a visit from my in-laws and my niece and nephew, followed by my SIL, her husband and their kids in the same weekend, at different times, so they could all see the house!
(it was SO nice having the space to have everyone stay with us and not need to get a room at a hotel)

Next up: July, August, and September! (aka, vacation months!!)


  1. 2nd quarter was most definitely a special one!! We totally had the same wedding colors...well at least for bridesmaid dresses!! I would love to hear more about your honeymoon - we've never been to Antigua but any island makes me happy LOL!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Ahhh your wedding pictures are gorgeous!! LOVE your dress! And yes, you definitely need to blog about your honeymoon!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Your wedding dress was beautiful!! And most perfect honeymoon ever. You had such a fun year!!

  4. Oh my gosh, HECK YES! Please recap Antigua! Seriously, dying to see more photos!
    I still can't believe it's time for a year recap... 2014 flew by!

  5. 1. yes i want to see honeymoon recap! 2. Yay for IRL friends!!! After baby comes, there must be another trip to see you. 3. Wow those three months were jam packed. I forgot you did all that in just three months. And i cannot believe how much you have done to the house since you moved in. You are wonder woman lady!

  6. I cannot get over how beautiful your wedding was!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. Your wedding looks beautiful and gorgeous dress! Antigua sounds amazing!!

  8. I loved reading your recap!!!!!!! Seriously your wedding looked so gorgeous!!! Yes I want an Antigua recap because it's totally on my list!

  9. What a great and busy couple of months! Beautiful wedding pics! :)

  10. awwww love this recap, so many good things!

  11. Jenn, your wedding pics are AMAZING!

  12. I can't even remember what I did yesterday! a year in review is such a cute idea. and if it ain't on FB it isn't official!

  13. I LOVE this!! You are simply stunning Jenn!!! What a fabulous and perfect year!! xoxo

  14. I love these recap posts...it's always so fun to look back at all you do during a given year. Looks like you had a great one...especially loving the wedding ones. That dress is gorgeous!

  15. You've had such an awesome year! So glad we got to meet, and can't wait to do it again!

  16. Oh goodness, how will you ever top this review... seriously! So many great things!

  17. What an exciting three months!! love all the wedding photos! I would love to see pictures of Antigua if you do a recap post about it!

  18. So many weddings!!! But yours was so beautiful :)

  19. Those were three wonderful and very busy months! Love love your wedding dress. So happy for you. Congrats on the house too, so awesome.


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