LDW Weekend Highlights

How awesome is it that the weekend technically isn't over yet? 
Answer: Very! :)

My LDW weekend highlights (so far) have been:

~Friday work-from-home day=a day in workout clothes

~Friday night sushi date with my love
~After dinner walk along the water
~Watched the first part of Aloha, and ended up quitting part way through because it was so bad.

~Slept 10 hours (between the couch and my bed haha)

~Cooper got his end of summer 'do Saturday morning
~MG and I took advantage of the Labor Day sales to stock up on some cute clothes (note to self: don't have a self-imposed no-spend month during big sale months!)
~Snagged these super cute shoes for half price
~Had another dinner date night, but we decided to change it up and drive into DC to have dinner at Circa
~Had a pre-dinner drink while we waited for a table outside since the weather was incredible (tried the cucumber melon sangria and it was soooooo good)
his and hers (his looks so small next to mine!)
~MG had jambalaya which was super tasty (my fork may have wandered over to his plate a few times), and I had the most delicious scallops with mushroom and goat cheese risotto. The aftermath:
We obviously hated it.

~Sunday meal planning and errands

~Walked into Georgetown and then along the waterfront. Did 5 miles and rewarded ourselves with Starbucks afterwards (at least I burned the calories before I put them back in!)
~FaceTimed with the family up in PA

~Used our Brookstone foot massager--after 5 miles, it felt super good (best xmas present to ourselves 2 years ago)

~Grilled out and had dinner on the deck, al fresco (along with several of our neighbors)

~Got hooked on the show Narcos
~Watched  Bachelor in Paradise and enjoyed the drama (only one more night!!)

Today I'm planning on getting a pedicure, maybe going to the pool and relaxing before the first day of school with kiddos tomorrow!
Hope your LDW has been relaxing and fun!! :)
My #Gratitude30 today for Innovation is:
My Kindle.
I'm so thankful for the ability to carry multiple books in this little device to escape into whenever I want to. I bring it with me almost everywhere that I go (doctor's appointments, in my work bag, on vacation) in case I have the chance to read. This innovation has provided me with countless hours of entertainment and relaxation.

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  1. Sounds like a fun packed weekend. My kiddos come back to the classroom tomorrow too for the first day of school. I'm probably more nervous than they are. After Friday, I'll be wishing for summer again with the first week exhaustion that always sets in. Good luck with school this year. From B Loved Boston.

    Love that you posted about DC because I just did too hehe =]

    xoxo rkush.blogspot.com

  3. What a fun weekend!! Drinks outside in DC sounds like a blast :) So glad you suggested Narcos- love finding good shows on Netflix!!

  4. Oh I need new running shoes so bad! Where was that sale? Sounds like a great weekend! Lots of quality time w your boo!
    Trish - tales from trish

  5. That sushi looks delish! Glad you found some great stuff at the labor day sales :)

  6. Glad that you had such a good weekend - you got some cute stuff while out shopping! And, yes to the Kindle! It has seriously been my favorite thing the past month.

  7. DC is so wonderful. I haven't been since I was kid and would love to go again. Bummer about Aloha. It was on my to see list, but I'll probably take it off. Not setting your alarm for the next day truly is the best thing ever.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. Looks like you guys had such a fun and full weekend - it's so hard to resist shopping with those great sales - I especially love your new sneakers. All the outdoor/adventuring time looks like the best!


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