Happies and Crappies

Every week has its high points (happies) and its low points (crappies).

~Baby Snuggles, which I talk about all the time but that's only because they're the best thing ever!
~Ella is now 8 bs and 4 ounces--little girl is a growing machine (which makes all of her feedings feel worth it)

~Snapchat filters

~4 hours of sleep at a time (hallelujah--never thought I'd be excited about sleeping for this chunk of time)

~My friend Melissa sending Ella and I a care package of things that she used and loved when she was nursing including these super soft Aden and Anais swaddle blankets (they're so soft I want to drape them over me!) and one handed water bottle, and a movie. Love my sweet friends! 
Thanks, Melissa!! Love you!
~Taking our first road trip to PA this weekend and Ella getting to finally meet her other aunt, uncle and cousins. And subsequently all of the hands to hold and help with Ella too. Woohoo for family!

~Ella taking to the pacifier when she's upset and not hungry or poopy

~Friday Night Lights
~Getting a massage in the middle of the morning on Tuesday #mamawin

~Having my two work besties send me a FabFitFun box because they "miss and love" me :)
~Having a fun neighborhood BBQ over the weekend and getting to know even more of our neighbors, and finding out about a New Mom group in the area
~Loft having free shipping--and then me subsequently ordering enough to have gotten free shipping anyway. A perk and drawback of being back in my normal sizes #hellocreditcardbill #butcuteclothes
~Getting 12 oz of breast milk stored up and frozen already #milkmachine #mooooo

~Still having some bumps in the road with breast feeding (but hopefully on the road to those being worked out)

~MG going back to work next week. 4 weeks flew by in the blink of an eye. And also, how is my baby almost a month old???

~Poop explosion. Literally a crappy (but MG and I just had to laugh through it because it was so ridiculous)--I want to post the picture here because it was pretty epic, but I also don't want to gross you out #yourewelcome

~Doing laundry almost every day because of poop

~Realizing that I'm not going to be able to make it to my bestie's bridal shower :(

~Rainy and chilly days that have kept us indoors for most of the day several times this week. It's Spring, Mother Nature, get it together!!

~Still feeling the need to check my work emails

What are some of your happies and crappies this week?


  1. Such a bummer that you aren't able to make it to your best friends shower! That stinks! Love the sweet gifts your friends have sent over. So thoughtful!

  2. How awesome you are already back to pre-baby weight! I was never like that! So sorry you have to miss your besties shower!

  3. Oh, she is SO cute!! Shoot me an email if you have any breastfeeding questions, I was a La Leche League leader for 10 years. :)

  4. omg so many good things! def outweighing the bad i'd say. lol and thank you for no gross photos. sometimes i wonder why some moms do that. anyway, keep enjoying all the moments girly! and more snap filters please :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Poop explosions are messy but it also lets ya know everything is making through! haha

  6. Yes to all the baby snuggles and longer stretches of sleep at night, it makes you feel like a whole new woman doesn't it?! Hang in there with the breast feeding, it's so hard but so worth it. I dealt with a nasty bout of mastitis, and nearly gave up because it was so painful. I ended up switching to exclusively pumping which made everything so much better for both of us. Less pain for mommy and less frustration from baby girl. Let me know if you have any questions or just need to vent <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. I'm so glad that you will be able to have time with family and that Ella will be able to meet them. That is so so special. :)

  8. Sad you will miss the bridal shower, but we can't do it all! I'm sure she understands.

    Enjoy your first road trip!

  9. Oh I have plenty of those poop photos. Sometimes you can't believe what came out of your little one. I hope the breastfeeding/nipple issues work out soon enough, but yay for pumping a lot! You are killing it in the storage.

  10. oh no to missing the bridal shower! I know you both are disappointed about that! poop explosion from you MG or baby E?! it could be anyone and you weren't too specific. hello online shopping!

  11. Poop everywhere sounds about right lol! It sounds like it was a much better week than crappy for sure!

  12. Aw, I love you so much! I just saw this because we've been out of town. I'm so glad you liked the package. She is darling. I hope your crappies get better soon. Oh, and hello - you look amazing, like you didn't even just have a baby!


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