WHW {#94}

Happy Hump day! Boy do these days fly by when you have a newborn--I guess that makes sense when the day revolves around feeding, eating and sleeping (for the baby--and somehow fitting in all of the same for you, as well haha).
Around these parts, it's been a lot of baby (if you couldn't tell by my posts that are supremely baby-centered), but they've also involved a lot of tv watching since we're home, and semi-tied to baby currently.

Here's what I've been watching:

Catastrophe season 3--
have you seen this show? Are you a parent? If you haven't seen it, watch it--especially if you like sarcastic humor. Each season is only 6 episodes long which isn't enough, but it's a clever show and makes me laugh. The season ended on such a cliff hanger and now I have to wait forever for the next season!

Master of None
I love Aziz Ansari in general but I LOVE him in this show. I think it's a clever and cute show that makes you laugh. Another show that doesn't have enough episodes because I want to watch more and more. We tried to savor this and space them out, but ended up ripping through the second season in a matter of a few days. Highly recommend!

Southern Charm (the original)
This has been, and will likely continue to be, my guilty pleasure show. I love this cast of characters because they always give me something to chat about with my friends haha.
I said it before but I couldn't get into Savannah after the first episode. I forgot to record it on my DVR and I'm not upset about it.

I almost gave up on this show a few seasons ago, but got sucked back in during a marathon and since then I've been on board. I enjoy their antics, but Ramona is a nut job and drives me a bit crazy.

Animal Kingdom
This one I happened to watch because MG was watching it while I was reading. I don't know if I'd recommend it--it's very dark and basically about a bunch of really messed up people within a family who do bad things and are just all around not nice people. I joked with MG that I felt dirty watching it lol. 

Friday Night Lights
We'd always heard that this show was good, but for some reason never got into it. Well, thanks to maternity and paternity leave because we have torn through the first season (almost all the way) in the past couple of days and are obsessed. Can't wait to watch the rest--although it's going to be tougher when MG goes back to work since I won't be able to cheat watch while he's away.


La La Land--
I actually liked it. It was better than I was thinking it would be, and made for a nice weekend afternoon movie. I found myself singing some of the songs to Ella later that day too :)

Hidden Figures--
Loved this movie! I loved learning about a piece of history that I had no idea about! MG and I were both fans of this one.

That's about it which seems like a lot, but when you spend a lot of time pumping and breast feeding, you have a lot of time to kill!

Before I go, I feel the need to add in a recent Ella pic because...well, just because :)
Snapchat is the most entertaining on baby faces--

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  1. We flew through catastrophe - I thought it was so funny! I can't believe they both write and star in the show! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. We are slowly making our way through FNL! I told Dustin that once school is out and he's off one day during the week that we're going to have a FNL marathon because I'm ready to finish it! Riggins is my favorite :) I love Southern Charm and even thought I'm also watching the Savannah one, I don't like it haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Oh must check out Animal Kingdom. That kind of weird is right up my alley.

    FNL is one of my favorite shows ever.

  4. omg that snap! haha it's the cutest!! and i am so on board with RHONY. team dorinda of course :) and southern charm i mean yes. i am still trying to watch savannah mostly bc i'm obsessed with that town but it's just not the same, i hear ya! and i need to watch master of none already. i have heard everyone rave about it! kiss that sweet baby for me!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. We watched La La Land about a week ago during naptime! I liked it, but the ending bummed me out! So jealous of all the precious time you are having on maternity leave-enjoy it!

  6. OH my heavens welcome to all things FNL - that is our favorite series and we're probably going to rewatch it in the Fall because we time it with football season (yup, losers but I love it haha) Animal Kingdom huh? Dark and creepy for me? I've never heard of it! Loving those pics of sweet baby girl!

  7. Oh those squishy lips are precious!! I am pretty much just watching kids stuff or after he goes to sleep Astros baseball..haha

  8. Yes to all the tv with a newborn! I can't rave enough about how much I loved Hidden Figures! And how adorable is that snap filter on baby girl <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. Friday Night Lights is the best!! I can watch that show over and over.

  10. I watched a ton of tv when I had my girls at home too. It happens for sure. I will have to check out a few of these.

  11. I dropped off the RHNY train for a few seasons too and then got back on like 2 seasons ago or so. I didn't like it when Jill and Bethany both left. But oh my gosh Ramona this season has been a total weirdo/nut job. I can't believe she doesn't get why her question to Bethany about her daughter and that movie she made was inappropriate and unnecessary. And then the way she tried to talk to her about it later was just plan weird. Don't even get me started on her and the whole Luanne's wedding issue. But I love every minute of it.

    Ella is just the sweetest! So glad you're loving mommyhood!

  12. I love using snapchat on E haha it's so fun! :)

  13. That snap of you and Ella is the cutest! I still need to get into Master of None. There are so many Netflix originals I want to watch. I love Southern Charm, too. I have the Savannah version on my DVR... we'll see if I get around to it ;)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  14. Catastrophe is on my list. Love Master of None and LaLa Land and Friday night lights ranks with parenthood and the O.C. as my all time favorite shows! Love that snap of you and little Ella!

  15. Friday Night Lights is one of my favorites! I was so sad when it ended, I feel like we really dragged the last episodes out!

  16. Baby Ella is so precious! Enjoy spending all these days with her and relaxing/sleeping when you can! I wish I were more into shows but never find the time with blogging, work, and life consuming all of it.


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