My Weekly Wins

Happppppy Friday! I dunno about you, but even with Monday off this week, it still felt like a LONG week (but thank goodness for 3 day weekends and could we pretty please have them EVERY weekend??)

Even though this week felt a little long, there were still some things to put in the win column:

~MG took my car in to get an oil change so that I wouldn't have to and I appreciate not having to take on that task after a work day (or spending the time doing it on the weekend). #actsofservice

~The Ella love fest at daycare has continued into this week. Every morning when I drop Ella off, the oldest boy gets so excited and tells Ella how much he loves her. He started preschool yesterday and kept saying how Ella was going to come with him. Also, this picture of them snuggling basically makes my heart melt:
her head looks massive here lol
~Ella bear had her first giggle last weekend and has had some smaller ones throughout the week. It's now my mission to get smiles and laughter on the daily.

~MG and I inherited an iPad from my SIL whose company was upgrading theirs. So we got a relatively new one, in great condition, for $75. I've been using it when I cook (to look at recipes) and to play with in general. My laptop hasn't been touched in about a week lol.

~MG and I have dinner plans tonight with some neighbor friends who are going to be moving to Dubai. I'm not happy that they're leaving because she has been such a good friend and SO helpful in the first weeks and months of being a new mom. I'm glad we're getting to spend some extra time together before they leave on their adventure. Hoping it's not goodbye forever!

~I got to spend time with my mom on Wednesday after work. She came down before traffic got bad and was there when I got home from work. We had dinner together, and she got in some time with Ella. Even though it was shorter than the time we'd spent together during the summer, it was still nice getting to spend the few hours together.
~I joined a girl's fantasy football league with some of our friends. MG has been a huge help since I have little to no idea about what I'm doing, but apparently I/we drafted a pretty decent team. It's been fun being a small part of the fantasy football world with MG--and who knows, maybe I'll get good at it!

~MG's coworker gave us a TON of toys that his daughters no longer use. An activity block, a standing activity table, a walker with toys...Ella is definitely going to be in stock with activities once she's a little older to use them. The cutest part: the coworker told his daughter (5 years old) that the toys would be going to another little girl who would get to love and enjoy them and she apparently got so happy that she started helping to "clean" the toys before packing them up.

~Ella has been falling asleep without needing a pacifier the past 3 nights (she actually pulls it out of her mouth when I've tried to put it in). Tonight we're gonna try unswaddling both arms and hope that she's still able to put herself to sleep. We've been doing one arm for a couple of weeks, in anticipation of her being able to roll from back to tummy (which she's showing signs of doing soon), so hopefully this works in our favor!

The biggest win is that we made it to another Friday and have some really nice weather days ahead of us this weekend! Bring on allllllll of the baby snuggles!
Hope your weekend is fab and you've got some wins this week, too!

For all of my Florida friends...please stay safe! These hurricanes are super scary and I hope it doesn't make landfall, but if it does, be safe!!


  1. She and Knox are so similar with the swaddling and the pacis! He HATED that pacifier and would take it out of his mouth and THROW it across his crib. Ha! I told Brandon one day, "That settles that!" Good luck with the no-swaddle nights!!

  2. We got all my niece and nephews old toys... score!! So nice not having to buy all of them! I hope you guys have a great weekend!

  3. SO many wins!!! Great stuff right here!!!! Have a great weekend! XOXO, R

  4. So many wins. I really hope she kicks the paci habit because my girls love theirs. Such a struggle. Have fun tonight!

  5. Ladies fantasy leauges are so fun! I have been doing it for a few years and the smack talk is so fun! Score on the gently used iPad and kid items! Have a great weekend!

  6. Yay for all these wins!!! :) I hope you all have a great weekend!

  7. Kick the paci habit as early as possible becuase i'm here to tell ya it ain't pretty if you wait to long like with did with both of ours. Lol.

    And thanks for thinking of us. I'm in GA and we're expected to take a direct hit, so we're gearing up for the worst. Our city is in pure panic mode.

  8. Yay for all of the great things happening lately!!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  9. How adorable is Elle and her smile, mine wouldn't take a pacifier at all !!


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