{WHW}: Labor Daying

I'm a little late with my weekend recap because well, life. But for what's hap-"pinning" Wednesday I'm recapping our Labor day weekend:
~Got home with Ella and started packing to head up to Philly. Unfortunately, my in-laws came down with some cold/sickness that they were recovering from but we didn't want to risk staying with them, so we had to stay at my two SIL's places. 

~Getting packed up after a full work week (and the idea of being nomads for the weekend) got me into a bit of an anxiety attack because I just feel like I've been going and going non-stop, then the prospect of packing and moving around the whole weekend was just overwhelming to me. We decided to still go up to PA, but to come home Sunday night so we'd have a full day at home.

~We made it up to New Jersey to my SIL's house without any traffic and miss Ella slept the whole ride, and then went down to sleep as soon as we got to their house.
Cooper gets the front seat all to himself these days
~my BIL was having his fantasy football draft and ended up going out with his guy friends and MG got peer pressured into going too, so my SIL and I just stayed home and sat out on the porch drinking wine, eating and catching up until after midnight. We called it #porchtherapy haha
~Saturday morning was super crappy--overcast, cold and rainy. We decided to go to a local indoor farmers market which ended up being kind of a bust because it was insanely crowded barely any room to maneuver a stroller, and no place to sit and eat any of the goodies that they were selling. Boo!

~Early afternoon we packed up and headed to PA to my other SIL's house where we unpacked (again) and just hung out for the afternoon.

~Ella giggled for the first time which was amaaaaaaaaazing! She's done little laughs here and there but the giggle was the best!

~My SIL's friend's surprise party was Saturday night so we got Ella down, my MIL and niece watched Ella (while she slept basically) and we headed out to have some adult time which was so much fun!
~Sunday was a laze around the house kind of morning and then getting ready for a cook out where a ton of people came over. None of which was conducive to a baby napping lol
~Around 7 we packed up the car and baby and made our way home with no traffic and a sleeping baby--got home and put her to bed and she slept until 5 when I fed her and then she went back down until 745. ALLLLLLL the praise hands because mama needed that sleep!

~Monday we ran errands and little miss was so good. She loves looking around at everything even from her car seat in the stroller--she's so alert now that I think everything is super stimulating for her

~Got in some snuggles with Ella bear while she napped in my arms
~MG and I made pesto grilled cheeses for lunch which were heavenly and then we took a walk down/around the lake by our house and picked up a cold brew on the way.
~Ella was super tired around 6 because she didn't get a third nap in for the day so we got her ready for bed early and she was down and out by 6:30pm

It was definitely nice, and much needed, to have a full day at home and to wake up in our own beds instead of spending a good chunk of the day driving and hitting traffic. Thankfully this is a short work week too, so the weekend is that much closer!

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  1. What a fun weekend with family! It makes ALLLLL the difference when baby is well-behaved, am I right?!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend with family! Glad you got some adult time and she was sleeping for you!

  3. I totally understand about the anxiety when you are gone every weekend. I'm glad you were still able to have a fun time. Ella is getting so big, and she's super cute!

  4. What a great weekend. I would have had anxiety about the weekend too. I like plans and hate when they get messed up. But it still looks like a great weekend. I can't believe how big Ella is getting.

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend!! Staying busy is fun but it's sometimes so nice to have time to just "be" at home without rushing to and from.

  6. I can imagine the anxiety about being traveling nomads on the weekend especially with a baby. So great Ella slept the whole ride and #PorchTherapy is perfect to unwind!!

  7. I'm so glad you were able to have so much time with family! :) Sounds like a great weekend.

  8. Go Ella GO! What a great sleeper and traveler!!!! XOXO,R


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