Weekend Update

This weekend was relatively low key, but had some gorgeous weather with it here in Virginia (Florida friends, I know you were not so lucky. Still sending my thoughts and prayers that you all made it through these nasty hurricanes unscathed!!)

~Friday I left my second school right at dismissal and got stuck waiting for all of the kids to load up and the busses to leave. Then got stuck in traffic going to pick up Ella at daycare. It took me an hour to get home!
~My day was brightened by a friend/old coworker sending me and two other ladies I work with cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes! (Unfortunately I was at my 2nd school when they arrived, but they were kept safe for me over the weekend). I could have used those cupcakes in that traffic. Or a drink--but drinking and driving is frowned upon so the cupcake would have had to do lol
~Friday evening we went out to dinner with our neighbors and their two kids before they leave for Dubai (today)! This is the neighbor who brought us meals when I had Ella, has given us toys and books, etc. Not to mention she's just been a great source for me in my new-mom-ness. We are definitely sad to see them go, but was glad to get to go out with them and say our good-byes.

~Unfortunately the waiter took forever and a day to bring us the check (we are talking 30+ min) so Ella was hanging on by a thread since it was welllllll past her bedtime--she didn't fuss though. As soon as we got home, we tried bedtime with both arms unswaddled and she conked out!

~Saturday we went to Costco because we are old and that's what old people do on the weekends lol. Even more exciting? We picked up Cooper's seizure meds, some blueberries, chocolate covered pretzels (the highlight) and dental floss. Yep, we are living large over here!!! haha

~Saturday afternoon we went for a walk at a little park/wetlands by our house for a change of pace--we hadn't been there for about a year and it was fun to walk around and then came home and spent some more time outside on the deck. Ella LOVES being outside
~MG and I took Ella to grab some Mexican food at a restaurant that's close by and usually really fast. We sat outside since it was so nice out, but I think our waiter forgot to put in our order so we ended up being there much later than we'd anticipated (again!) and Ella had a hard time going to bed that night because her sleep schedule was all off. At least there was Mexican food haha

~Sunday morning we ran errands and Ella decided to take her first ever 1 hour and 45 minute nap....in her carseat! She sleeps 2 hours at daycare but never more than 45ish minutes with us. The fact that she did it in her carseat was even more impressive!

~We watched the first NFL football game of the season with a friend (was supposed to be more but one guy came down with Hand Foot and Mouth and we decided to let him stay home lol) where MG's Eagles took on my dumpy Redskins and won. Ella's first football experience:
At least my fantasy football team got a Win this week!

~We took a late afternoon walk after the game, made dinner, and then put a sleepy/semi-cranky baby to bed and I proceeded to pass out on the couch around 8:45 because I can't stay up until 10 anymore apparently haha

Hoping your weekend was nice, and that all of my Florida and Texas friends (and everyone else in the hurricane's path) stayed safe!


  1. Those cupcakes are making my mouth water this morning! Glad you had a good weekend!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Those cupcakes look so yummy!! She keeps getting cuter and cuter :)

  3. Glad you had a nice weekend. Those cupcakes though... I might have broken back into the school if I knew they were waiting for me!! XOXO, R

  4. Ella is such a trooper! We rarely go out to dinner these days because we have a screamer (omg she's so loud its ridiculous) and the thought gives me anxiety so takeout for the win haha!

  5. How sweet of your friend! Those cupcakes look amazing!


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