Weekly Wins: It's Already September

Haaaaaaappy Friday! And Friday before a long weekend makes it THAT much better and sweet!!

I'm coming at you with some wins from this week!

~Ella and I both survived our first full week of daycare with minimal crying. I only teared up a bit on Monday when I drove her. Not to say I like dropping her off, but knowing she's being loved and well taken care of by my friend has given me such a sense of peace. Plus, she is getting so much interaction from her two boys (getting the big brother experience), and the other girl she watches. Which has also made bedtime really easy because sister girl is tiiiiiiiired come bed time.
~Speaking of bed time, Ella slept through the night, with no wake ups three times this week in her crib in her own room. And I've gotten myself down to only checking on her 400 times a night instead of 4 million. #progress :)

~I managed to put together a therapy schedule for my kids that also included two pumping breaks during the days. I'm seeing kids right up until dismissal, but I made it work #flexibility
(Now we'll see if it actually works when I go to implement it next week! ha!)

~We are heading to PA this weekend to see MG's family who haven't seen Ella in about a month since we left the shore. It's always nice to have extra helping hands, and to just get to spend time with the fam since we live far enough away that get togethers just don't happen frequently enough. 
Also on the agenda--going out for a surprise birthday night out for a friend up there--she totally doesn't know and I'm super excited to see her reaction!
~I managed to get out of the house on time every single day this week--something that's not normally an issue for me but because MG leaves for work early, I'm the one responsible for getting myself together, Ella up, changed, and have all of her things packed and put in the car. It's a lot and the mornings go SO fast, but we've got a routine. I'm sure some off days are in our future, but for the first full week, I'm happy with how we've done!
babies in PJ's are simply the cutest thing ever!
~Everyone I know in/around Houston seems to be safe and sound which makes me so relieved. I still can't believe what's going on there and almost feel like the scenes I see are fake because it's SO devastating. Praying for Texas, and sending money to help!

Before I go, can I just rant for a second?
I can't stand when people who you haven't talked to/heard from in YEARS all of a sudden reach out to you via social media (facebook, instagram, etc), feigning an interest in your life ("Congratulations on Ella, you guys look happy...."), to follow it up with:
"I started representing Rodan and Fields...." or whatever other company, etc. 
I had a girl from grad school do this recently and I just didn't respond. You haven't taken an interest in my life in the past 10 years, but NOW that you want to make some money, I'm good enough to talk to? Thanks, but no thanks. 
Ok, rant over....let's get to the weekend! Happy Friday friends!


  1. YES YES YES about the direct marketing stuff! I swear I get 10 a week from someone different I haven't heard from in years (always via Facebook Messenger) saying, "Hi, Brittany! Your boys are so cute..." and then bam, into the sales pitch. When I hear that Facebook Messenger tone go off, I know it's coming...

    Yay for making it through the first daycare week! Brandon left early like MG and I had to get up sooo early to be ready to go by the time it was time to get Walker up so I could get him up, feed him breakfast/nurse, get him dressed, grab ALL THE THINGS, get out the door on time, drive to daycare and do drop-off, and then drive to work. I understand wholeheartedly where you're coming from on the "on-time" thing. Big toast to you, mama! That's tough stuff!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more about the direct marketing via Facebook stuff! So over it. Glad that y'all had a good first week of daycare! Enjoy the long weekend this weekend :)

  3. omg you triggered me with that rant. bc I HATE IT. happens all the time and i'm just like, stop it and go away. delete. ha. anyway, so many other good things in this post. have a great time in PA! and please share all the baby photos, especially in PJs :) happy weekend girlfriend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. It only took a week and you have MASTERED working momma-hood!!!! You go girl!!! And amen about people coming out of the woodwork to sell you stuff. I got hit up 3 times this week (1 arbonne and 2 beach body). Either they think I'm a sucker or think my makeup game is weak and I'm fat ;) LOL!! Have a great weekend in PA!! XOXO, R

  5. OMG(I just typed that really hard) I hate that too. I had friends from each level of schooling do it to me recently and I wanted to virtually shake them! I am so done with that. Anyway, Ella is so cute in her PJ's! Have a great weekend with the family and enjoy the surprise!

  6. That is definitely a huge pet peeve of mine. I hate when they follow up with being a consultant for something. Sucks. But I do love a baby in pjs. Ella looks so cozy in hers. Yay for surviving your first week back!!!

  7. So glad to hear daycare is going well and that she is sleeping thru the night. It's amazing what that extra activity will do for sleep! Haha. I am just east of Houston and we got over 40 inches of rain if you can even imagine that.
    While our house was spared both of our parents homes basically have water to the roof and are destroyed. Both of these homes are the homes we grew up in so it is devastating to see. But things can be replaced so we are happy they are safe but this entire area is just unbelievable to look at.

  8. That's awesome that Ella has been a good sleeper most nights and the daycare adjustment is going as well as possible even with some tears shed. Enjoy all the baby snuggles this weekend!

  9. OMG GIRL YES to the R&F thing. I cannot tell you how many people have done that to me yet if I would even see them in public they wouldn't say hey. ANNOYING! And yayyyy for full nights' sleep!! Go Ella!


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