{WHW} Currently....

Currently, I'm....

Reading ...
Well, I started another book by Diane Chamberlain weeks ago, and I think I only read the first chapter. And that's still where I'm at several weeks later...I'll get back to reading at some point soon hopefully.

Watching ...
Game of Thrones! MG and I got HBO this past weekend and got all caught up on everything just in time for the season finale. Wowza! I heard that the next season isn't until 2019!! What the what!
And of course watching all of my Bravo shows, plus Bachelor in Paradise which is its own little s-show and I love it. I feel like this season hasn't been as interesting as previous seasons though.

On the menu this week:
Monday: Spicy Sriracha Shrimp lo mein
Tuesday: Baked Queso Tacos
Wednesday: Crockpot Meatballs (with Spaghetti)
Thursday: Tuscan Chicken Bake--recipe to come!
Friday: something quick and easy, just not sure what yet

Looking forward to ... 
heading to PA for the long weekend and getting to see our family who we haven't seen since our trip to the shore in early August. And a long weekend in general because that means more time with my girl!

Enjoying ...
that my friend's sons at daycare (my friend watches Ella if you don't remember) LOOOOOOVE Ella. I get pictures through the day of them loving on her, and when I walk in to drop her off in the mornings, they get excited and the oldest says "I LOVE her!" He promised me yesterday morning that he'd take good care of her. Melts my heart!
water and lots of it--with pumping during the weekday while at work, my supply goes down throughout the week so I'm trying to up my calorie intake and my water intake to help. 

my mom for taking pity on me and buying a mini fridge for my office at work. My new place in the building was a 5-10 minute walk to and from the teachers lounge where the fridges are in order to get my pump parts and/or store my milk. Trying to fit pumping into my schedule is hard enough without adding those precious minutes of just walking in--so my mom had a mini fridge delivered to me and it's now set up in my office, making my life easier. Gotta love moms! 
perfectly fits my little cooler bag of pump parts and milk!
dealing with some helicopter parents that I'm already hearing about through the grapevine. Parents who have lawyers and advocates....I just want to do my job and get kids better. I don't want to deal with the attacks and nit-pickiness of lawyers and advocates. It really drains me and makes me feel icky about my job sometimes.

Wanting ... 
the temps to stay where they've been the last couple of days. High 70s and low to mid 80s are my jam!

Needing ...
a paycheck. It's been months and babies ain't cheap, y'all!

And I need to write my lake house, shore, and best friend's wedding recaps. #slacker #momlife

Wearing ...
my pre-pregnancy clothes which means I'm tapping back into my Loft clothes that I hadn't been able to wear much of last school year--score!!

Grateful For...
this little baby girl who turns 4 months old today! I seriously can't believe how quickly it's gone by, and how much she has grown in these past 4 months. Love her to pieces...but I'm sure you could tell that without me saying it ;)
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  1. So sweet of your mom for getting you a mini fridge! They are really nice to have in your room/office. I hope you're having a good start to your school year!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Moms are the best! That's so nice to have a mini fridge in your room. Also, give yourself grace on the reading thing. I didn't get back into reading with my boys until they were around a year old! That first year is tough and trying to get back in the schedule of working (and now with a little baby in tow to boot), all you want to do at the end of the day is fall into bed asleep. ;)

  3. That has to be so great to get texts throughout the day of little Ella!

  4. oh that sweet face! how awesome of your mom for getting that fridge for you. the little things right?! and seriously helicopter parents - i just send all the good vibes that you have a smooth ride with all of that this year. and send some of that weather my way girl!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Happy 4 months, Ella!! And go pre-preggo clothes!! You go supermomma!!!

  6. That was so thoughtful of your Mom to get you a minifridge!! Yay for moms!! Hope the helicopter parents get their acts together. If parents just let teachers teach, things at schools would be so much easier. Best of luck, helicopter parents and lawyers are both no fun to deal with.

  7. Ella has gotten so big! And I can't handle waiting until 2019 for the last season of Game of Thrones :-(
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  8. That was so nice of your mom! BIP and the real housewives shows haven't been as entertaining this season in my opinion! 4 months and back to pre-pregnancy?! That's pretty darn impressive!

  9. "babies aint cheap" amen to that! So I just got HBOgo free trial so that I could watch Big Little Lies and now Seth and I are thinking about stepping into the realm of GOT...I"m preparing myself haha

  10. Aw your momma was so sweet to get you that fridge! Game of Thrones is the best! I want to go back and watch it all again, and I guess I have time now since there is so much time before the last season!

  11. Oh GoT!!!! The episode on Sunday was pure madness! I don't know how they can make us wait so long for the last season!

  12. Moms are truly the best! That is such a sweet gesture and I know you appreciate how convenient it makes things!!

  13. That is when I got my mini fridge at work as well. My mom didn't want my breastmilk in with other people's lunches and what not. So grateful for moms!


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