I Can't....

.....when people give you asinine explanations for things. Example: There is cold air pouring out of my vents at work. The building guy comes and takes a temp reading and it says 57 degrees despite the 73 on my thermostat. Then the next day when it happens again, he tells me the system is "very sophisticated" and that sometimes it will pump out cold air in order to equalize the temperature in the room.
Yep, that explains why it's the middle of winter, and for THREE HOURS+ I have cold, 57 degree air pumping on my head. And also, how is that sophisticated?? It's just stupid.

....when people's argument against gun reform is "well, people are just going to get guns anyway"....sure, there are ways around ANY law or whatever. Does that mean that we should just say "Eff the laws because some people are going to break them?" People will find drugs if they want them, does that mean we should just legalize it? People will drive without seatbelts, or drive drunk....I guess we should just not have rules for that either? Doesn't make sense.
And also, no one is trying to take away all the guns. #gettingoffmysoapbox  (Not trying to start a political debate here, just my own personal thoughts on this).

...people who post on Facebook or other social media sites for things like "Let's see who my true friends are by seeing who reads to the bottom of this {insanely long} post and who likes/shares this". If you don't know that I like you based on our relationship, and other things of yours that I "like" then I'm not going to convince you by liking those posts. Nor do I want to.

....when men take selfies. I used to date a guy right before MG who would take selfies. Like in his car or other random places. I just find it weird.

....when someone's entire identity is defined by a title. The title of "Doctor" or "Mrs" is ONE thing that defines you...it shouldn't be THE thing that defines you.

....when nail polish chips within hours or a couple days of a manicure. So frustrating!!

....when a place that is known for something, runs out of it. Like walking into Chipotle and being told theyre out of chicken, steak, and fajitas. Uhhhh isn't that like 90% of what youre supposed to have???

....when people request things of you SUPER last minute, time and time and time again. Another instance with lazy coworker this week!!!! Can't even take it!

....when my DVR is recording two programs and I'm trying to watch a third. I know, #firstworldproblems right?? :)

What are some things that you can't stand??


  1. Amen! Men take selfies? weird. We have the thermostat prob at work too, but I have made nice with the guy and he comes by every 2 days to check on me and my giant heater. Gun control, do not get me started. #DVRprobsarelegit love you.

  2. I had to unfollow someone on Instagram yesterday because she was spouting off about how our local school system was sending kids to an anti-guns in schools rally, but they couldn't afford free school lunches. Uh...one thing has nothing to do with the other. I didn't need to look at that nonsense anymore. The schools aren't encouraging people to not have guns at all, just no guns in schools! Shouldn't that be a given???

  3. Gosh, the DVR one happens to me all the time! I just want to be able to watch them all!

  4. Totally chipped my nail a day after getting them done, I was NOT happy! haha Totally with you on guys and selfies..um weird?

  5. Everything on this list!!!

    Also-people who want to engage in a healthy discussion and then don’t want to hear your thoughts.

    People who use those face smoothing technology

  6. PREACH girl!!!! I was at starbucks (working) and they were out of "frap roast" so no frappucinos!!! Seriously!? It's a good thing I actually like COFFEE!

  7. I can't handle last minute things. It frustrates me to no end.

  8. Try Seche Vite fast drying top coat! I can get a manicure to last a good 5 days with it! And also? Asinine might be my favorite word ever. Stupid "sophisticated" heater. Seriously.

  9. So many annoyances and 57 degrees is ridiculously cold to work in comfortably! You're probably wearing your snow jacket indoors to stay warm! Brrr...


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