Our Living Room

MG and I have been making upgrades and changes to our place, slowly but surely, since we moved in together a year and a half ago. 

First up was putting paint on the walls, since MG lived like a typical guy and had white walls, despite owning and living in his condo for 5 years (boys, I tell you...).

We also bought a new bedroom set when we decided to move in together, so that we had a nice set and everything would fit my our clothes in our one-bedroom place.

We had a really nice comfy leather sofa and an over-sized chair set in our living room, but MG's side of the couch was getting semi-sunken in (7+ years sitting in the same spot will do that). We had also been wanting to get a loveseat so that we had more room to entertain when people came over, especially once we got rid of our old tv console table, which was a HUGE glass and metal monster, and got this guy at Target:
don't mind the wires, or Cooper's toy bin

This was much more with the style of the rest of our furniture in the place...the dark brown/black wood finish.

So with the one sinking seat, and more room, a few months ago we went on the search for couches to fit our room's dimensions, which is tricky when your place isn't super big. After a while of not finding what we wanted, we gave up, until the weekend before Thanksgiving, on a whim, we went out looking again and found a nice set that met all dimensions for what we'd been looking for:
In the store
In our place

Because we don't have our ottoman anymore (that got sold with the couch and oversized chair), we needed to get one that fit our space better than the makeshift version we have in the picture above.

I wanted something lighter since the darker furniture can be kind of overwhelming. And, it's hard to match leather to leather without it coming as a set.

After much looking, I think I found the perfect ottoman for our space, and MG really liked it, too. It's ordered and scheduled to arrive on Monday!
I wasn't 100% sold on it because we wanted an ottoman with storage for blankets and things, but I liked the look of it so much that I didn't care that it didn't have storage. We'll just move the longer one we have now into our bedroom, instead, I think.

And to complete the room, we needed an end table for between the two couches for drinks, picture frames and any other knick-knacks (I try not to say that word around MG....he doesn't like the idea of 'knick-knacks' until I put them out and make them look nice, not cluttered haha). I found an end table on Amazon for $73 which fit the dimensions between the couches nicely with some room:
With Prime, it arrived yesterday, in two days, and now we have our lovely new end table!

I'm super excited for the ottoman to get here! I think it will tie the room together nicely, lighten things up, and provide us some functional space for remotes, drinks, feet, etc (altho not feet and drinks at the same time. Ew.)

I'm so glad that we have a nicer space to entertain people in, now. It's been a gradual process, but sometimes it takes time to find what you want, but once you do, it all works out really nicely!

What do you think of our "new" space? Think it will work for company and look nice all together? I can't wait to have a dinner party or something so that we can utilize it all :)


  1. Coming together very nicely! Love the couch!

  2. Woohoo for upgrades, so fancy :)!

  3. Love it. I moved into my house about 6 months ago and it has been a much slower process than I was hoping for. But seeing things come together is so fun and exciting!

  4. Everything looks so great! I wish I had space in my apartment for an ottoman, but it's just not in the cards.

    I just found your blog, and I love it!


  5. Loving the ottoman - and totally agree. I think it will fit in nicely, but lighten things up at the same time. My hubs and I purchased a set of leather sofas after we got married, and I would like to lighten them up a bit too, as they are dark leather. But, I am waiting to see where we will be moving/what kind of place we will be living in before we make any more big purchases!!!

  6. Everything is coming together so nicely! We are going to have to do this in just a few months!


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